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Cleaner1 avis
Canada1 avis
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Do not work for the maintenance department. No matter how hard you work or how much of a model employee you are, you are not even just a number to them; they will try to prevent you getting anything out of them that isn’t bare basic pay. For example, they’ll tell you the job is full time and that you get benefits after three months - that is a flat out lie. They will keep your contract “part-time, on-call” for as long as they like, because it saves them a few bucks. Be prepared for your boss to lie to your face, threaten you, make all manner of sexist and racist remarks, and not listen to a single word from you. If you try to warn him about an impending problem, he’ll ignore you - and then blame you for it when the problem inevitably begins generating complaints.
By far one of the worst employers I have ever wasted my time and sincerest efforts on; I would advise just about anyone to steer clear from this place.
Points positifs
Occasional leftover meals
Points négatifs
Literally everything
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