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Bon prix bonne coupe Diriger de torontoTrès flexible De bonne personne le week-end La semaine aussiMais de l'avis générale je n'ai rempli ce texte que pour voir les autres commenteur
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Used to be great.

I've worked for Allstate for 13yrs as a sales agent and they have really let things go down hill. It's hard to sell a product that you do not believe in anymore. I would caution anyone looking to start their new career here. Very high pressure environment which is common in a commission role, but with poor service and claims departments, high targets and bad rates, it's become tough to sell their product.
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Not for me

Horrible place to work. Management just wanted a lucky to do all the work while they did absolutely nothing. There was no accountability whatsoever. Entitled management didn’t report to anyone in Canada. There was no HR
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Bad place to work and grow. You are looked at as a means of earning their own commisson by managers.

The management of the company is terrible.Though they do not tell you -you are expected to work 11 to 12 hours and that too without extra pay!!Managers are worst. Even though you might be a top performer they will promote someoone who is their favorite.No scope for growth.Targets are unattainable.Toxic environment. They make empty promises which they know they are not going to keep.Don't come near 100 feet of this company if you value your sanity!!One of the worst companies to work

Points positifs

Reasonable commisson

Points négatifs

Long hours, unfriendly managers, micro management
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Unattainable goals

The company has increased targets and taken away our ability to sell. So they want us to work 10x harder to close business for less income. What a joke
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great place to work

Remote workplace, great team, solid management. Pay is competitive and people are genuinely happy to work here. There has been a great deal of turnover at the VP level but hopefully this irons itself out soon.
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Very helpful

Everyone is very helpful. The training was great, the only thing I would change is to relate a lot of the training to real case scenarios. But overall, really great.
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Great place

Nice benefits overall, organized structure staff is cooperative and it’s a very fast fast environment but still very accommodating for all your feedback
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Unrealistic expectations.

You're expected to do about 20 hours of work in a single day. You're not provided enough time to properly handle claims. I've literally been told to "delete my emails and forget my older claims" because they'd fallen so far behind. And don't even bother if you require any form of modifications, when returning from a leave I was told "you work at a desk, what modifications do you need?" And refused to acknowledge any modifications that weren't physical. I just left because of their lack of professionalism, no concern for their employees or customers. All they care about is sales.

Points positifs

Decent benefits, discount on insurance

Points négatifs

Overworked, underpaid, poor management, poor business model
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Very supportive environment, different units available for help.

Everyday activity involves phone calls, servicing clients, and writing new business. They also have experienced managers and team members available to assist junior staff.
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Its Okay

Its just okay, competition is too much, compensation is not too good. You have to hit targets to see some money. Not many advancement opportunities. Its good for work from home
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nice to work and earn a hand some benefits

What is the best part of working at the company?option for 100% remote working as per your options and choices with all kinds of benfitsWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?nothing special except completing normal monthly/quarterly targetsWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?very friendly and helpful at all levels
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Best place for high achiever

Excellent people working around, busy place for quoting auto insurance & Home insurance. Salary and benefits are good enough. work from home , and other incentives too.
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Ok, flexible schedule. Just hard. But if you work hard it pays well. Able to do outside and inside sales. Lots of training and help if you need it. You do feel the competition though.
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More Stress Than Compensation

A typical day at Allstate as an Adjuster will be attempting to keep up with voicemails and emails (which is usually not possible). You're informed you have about 10-15 minutes per claim file, even on complex matters. There is never enough time in the day not to start falling behind, unless you work overtime that is unpaid.There are many learning opportunities, but you'll eventually be told that any options for pay increase are behind developmental opportunities. They describe it as 'Lateral Promotion'. More responsibility, same pay (or less in some cases).Management do their best to keep things cool, but under the surface you can tell they're nearly as stressed as you are. Managers never have time for support or questions, even if its a decision that you're not authorized to make. I would often not hear back from my supervisor for 2-3 days on issues that were preventing cases from moving forward. As a result of this I would get timeline complaints that I could do nothing about, and these complaints would be counted against me for pay increases.The hardest part of the job is trying to keep yourself happy. I've watched so many other adjusters suddenly just quit and disappear, or take stress leave for months and then leave. It seems like no one lasts forever, or if they do they're already senior in the company and likely have a better contract.The most enjoyable part of the job would be when you can genuinely make a difference for someone who puts up with the contact timelines and still treats you with respect, even if they haven't necessarily had the best experience. - 

Points positifs

Working hours, the amount of experience gained in a short period

Points négatifs

Work Culture is toxic, compensation is very poor compared to other companies, burn out, management does not care
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Stressful and inhumane

You are considered as a tool of production. Make your target, you survive, if not, they will be passive aggressive . If you care about your mental health avoid the place.
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Lieu de travail agreable

Belle équipe pour le département auto, je recommande de postuler à cette entreprise. Formation + support fournis par l'entreprise. Communication transparente lors des rencontres
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Stressful and micro managed

Non stop calls, extremely stressful environment, but you are measured on call handle time, can’t help the customers or meet expectations at same time
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Good Culture, Interesting Work

I've had the privilege of being a part of the Allstate Insurance team for the past three years, and I must say that it has been a largely positive and rewarding experience.Pros:Competitive Compensation: Allstate values its employees and shows it through competitive compensation packages. They don't just talk about valuing their workforce; they back it up with generous pay and bonuses.Comprehensive Benefits: The benefits package here is top-notch. From health insurance to retirement planning with a 401(k) match, Allstate takes care of its employees' well-being and financial security.Work-Life Harmony: Achieving work-life balance can be a challenge in today's world, but Allstate makes it possible. The company encourages flexible work schedules, helping employees strike that delicate balance between work and personal life.Investment in Employee Development: Allstate is committed to employee growth. They offer various training and development programs to help us acquire new skills and move up the career ladder. It's a place where you can truly invest in yourself.Community Engagement: It's not just about the business; Allstate actively engages with the community. I appreciate their dedication to volunteer work and community initiatives, giving us a chance to make a positive impact beyond the office.Overall, Allstate Insurance has provided me with a fulfilling and enriching work environment. While challenges exist, they pale in comparison to the many advantages and opportunities the company offers. I look forward to many more years of growth and success with this fantastic - 
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Awesome company to work with. Other than some organizational changes, everything is good. Pay is fine and benefits are also good. Overall good experience.
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Nice company

Great place ! Nice peopleAndGood benefits ! Could use modernization of benefits . Lots of opportunity to grow and expand your career . Managers are supportive
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