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Agent d’assurance de dommages (Montréal, QC)
le 5 décembre 2019
Pas d’avancement
Tres bonne école pour commencer , car on doit se débrouiller de nous même
Director Analytical Enablement (Markham, ON)
le 25 mai 2021
Its all about who you work for
Leadership is variable with some micro managing and not supportive to your success (even negative at times) and/or lacking capabilities of being a true leader; but with others highly skilled in trusting and developing their teams so individual experiences will vary. Always a good idea to really interview your prospective leader prior to accepting a job offer as your experience at Allstate could vary greatly because of it. The parent company's control over Canadian operations is strong and growing limiting its autonomy and creating a new level of bureaucracy that depletes efficiencies. Work load is excessive with days typically full with back to back meetings and completing your job responsibilities at night and/or weekends. There has been a lot of changes in the company which in general is a good thing although perhaps too much at once. These changes should settle down in a couple of years creating a more stable environment and perhaps will play into a better work life balance than what currently exists. The majority of people have been there for many years which can limit acceptance of new ideas requiring more selling than usual and provide more challenges when managing such people but still possible to change minds and perspectives.The pay is somewhat competitive but generally one could find higher pay for similar positions outside of the insurance world; however merit increases do align better with inflation than other companies in my opinion and salary bands are re-assessed regularly which is good for you and if you are managing people, goes a long way to empower your ability to retain them. Medical benefits are very good however the Defined Contribution Plan really requires a long term commitment, no matching in the first year or two and then only at 60% after that however; if you stay in the program for a long time you can be matched at greater than 100% eventually. I would advised you ask about this prior to accepting a position at Allstate Canada to ensure you are aware of what you are getting into. Vacation time accumulates very slowly and I would say typical of an American owned company and will not be a surprise to those who have worked for such companies. You can however negotiate a fair vacation prior to employment especially if coming from another company that had more favourable vacation time. In short, If you plan to be at this company for a long time (10 years or more) it may be the right fit for you. Easy to build partnerships and receive support from peers. It is generally a collaborative environment, although chaotic at times. It can be difficult to move things forwards and this is where you will need to ensure you have a good supportive leader. The company support infrastructure such as, I.T. and HR departments are highly responsive and supportive and were a pleasure to work with. Overall Allstate is a collaborative environment particularly if matched with the right leadership and more geared towards those who plan to stay in one company for a long time.
Customer Care Agent (Moncton, NB)
le 13 mars 2021
Great employer
I’ve worked for this company in customer service for 9 years and I enjoy the work environment. The company offers better than average salary and benefits. You don’t need to fight for an annual salary increase and other work conditions are excellent (vacations, sick time...). The workload can be heavy at times, but management is understanding and helpful.
BDA (Pickering, ON)
le 23 février 2021
3 years AND going
Hi im sales agent at Allstate, I do like the company I was recruited for a role that I didn't get, but i thought well the company seems great and I applied elsewhere and got lucky..so i think that says a lot, ALLSTATE is a great company. Recently lots of changes and we are trying to be more innovative and better to met modern changes. That alone can be stressful, but who said sales are easy. There are lots of resources and it's a great place to start a career in Insurance.
Claims Adjuster (Markham, ON)
le 27 août 2020
Least enjoyable place to work for
Very stressful days, not enough time to work on the tasks, and the deadlines are unrealistic. Management does not care about your needs. People end up leaving because management always agree to do something about their work structure but they don't do anything to help the teams. As much as you want to help customers they make it very hard for you to provide the right service.

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