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Very hard to get into

Unless you completed clinical/practicum or know someone who already works there it’s very hard to get a job. They want experienced employees but the pay is great.
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Consistent Workdays and Supportive Environment

Training for each shift is pretty thorough to ensure you understand the different tasks for each role. Co workers are helpful and work together when you are struggling to complete tasks. Overall a consistent environment, however requires a lot of manual labor (ex. Lifting, walking).
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Very bad management and very bad place to work

Very bad management and manager on site, especially site manager. Very hard to deal with. Never appreciate anything. No support. No job security. No orientation and expect to do things you don't know. Poor management. Unfortunately I have worked there for 5 months. Don't trust anyone.

Points positifs

Good residents

Points négatifs

Very bad site manager
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no room for growth. everyday is just all about tasks and until you acquired work-related injury.

you work like robots keep chasing time and no chance for personal growth. This is the easiest way to describe AHS. They are more concern on finishing all the tasks on time than how it was being done.

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Points négatifs

life long acquired injury
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Great workplace

Things are getting better when it comes to EMS in Calgary. Supervisors and managers seem to have your back now more then ever. I love my job. The schedule is great for my mental health.
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Fast paced work place

This will not make a difference, but I feel the pay never fits the job. There is never enough workers to work the shift and everyone is run off their feet.

Points positifs

Learning possibilities

Points négatifs

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Very nice work place

Love the teamwork. Everyone is helpful with one another. Fun place to work in. Amazing work life balance, depending on FTW. Everyone is nice and easy to get along with
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It was okay, but not great.

Management played favourites a lot and would make it pretty obvious. They would even allow favourites to come back after fully resigning when they should have had to go through the whole application process again.The people were nice for the most part, but very cliquey, If you didn't fit in, you had no real friends and I never felt like "family" like they all call each other. The job was rewarding but management was so disorganized with the takeover of several large dispatch centres that it became overwhelming and forced a lot of good people to leave.Night shifts were tough but a lot of people loved them. There are peak shifts but again, unless you're a favourite, you weren't getting any of those.The pay and benefits were good, lots of opportunity for OT, and there was a decent emphasis put on mental health.
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Poor culture

My work site was rife with favouritism and almost seemed to encourage negative behaviour and unprofessional conduct from the favoured few.The "u favourites" were worked harder and targeted for frivolous discipline repeatedly. 5 people taking stress leave and/or outright leaving over 2 years - can't be a coincidence.

Points positifs

Pay, benefits

Points négatifs

Terrible leadership
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Not a great place to work

Unfortunately management is poor. They look for buddy buddy systems instead of professional ones. If you’re not a buddy, doesn’t matter how great you are, management will treat you poorly til you quit.

Points positifs

No pros

Points négatifs

Bad management
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Good place to work as a Paramedic

Overall a good place to work. Decent wage. Average training opportunities. Minimal support from leadership. Working for a large company has it's pros and cons
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Not valued or ever rewarded

No support from management, do as we say not as we do attitude. Do not feel valued or ever get rewarded for a job well done. Have to pay for parking to work there, union dues are high and the union is completely useless each and every time I have used them. Lots of staff that do not pull their weight and expect others to pick u their slack, and staff are never disciplined and continue to rob the comply of money.

Points positifs

Can't think of any

Points négatifs

Management is awful, pick favorites, lots of back stabbing and gossiping
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Work life balance

The job is easy and the staff are usually very helpful. Just enough shifts but a room for improvement when it comes to pay. Some of the managers are great in supporting their staff.
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Fun workplace

Really open and welcoming workplace. Everyone is really kind to the volunteers and very supportive. It can be tiring but is totally a great experience
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good place to work

ahs is a good organization with opportunity for growth. there are lots of benefit packages too, paid vacation ,m dental, health spending account. do your research before you go for the interview. learn about the values and ahs CARES.
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Staff can be curt towards one another

Enjoyed the workload at this clinic. Expectations are high here. Workload is fair. Dentists are very good to work for here. Need to be knowledgeable on all the practices n

Points positifs

Group get togethers

Points négatifs

Management can be mean
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Overall great career opportunities

I have enjoyed working for AHS now for about 3 years total, with ups and downs like every job. But would recommend those working in healthcare to apply.
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Challenging but all staff and colleagues are always fun to work with

Overall experience was great! All staff and colleagues are always fun to work with. The only downside was I was in a temporary contract. It was such a great opportunity and experience at the same time.
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Great team members & Managers

Enjoy every member of the team I work with. Great team leads and manager - Provide excellent training and leadership.In my role, I would answer calls over phone as they came in daily. All tools (computers and software) are provided. All around, a great organization with opportunities for growth.
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Humbling place to work very rewarding

The HER is an amazing place to work. The clients are amazing and your coworkers are like family. Its like cheers the TV sitcom, everyone knows your name and misses you when you are not there. HR is very helpful. The benefits are outstanding.

Points positifs

Sense of family

Points négatifs

Do not get paid enough to pay your bills
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