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Challenging, rewarding

Overall great place to work. Management cares about your well being. Challenging and never a dull moment. Our department works great together as a team.
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Fun place to work, great people, great enviroment

Working as a screener helped me realize I wanted to go to school to become a medical assistant and help patients coming into the hospital, great work environment and amazing staff
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Prestigious organization but doesn't show for it

I haven't received the right amount of pay for a few days worth of work in about a whole month now. I'm having to call and email multiple people for the money that I deserved a month ago. Maybe it's just me but my management is very strict but they don't get the important things done anyway¿ It is hard to stay in touch with manager. Also, a workplace incident happened with a client who was at fault and there were no consequences at all. I feel disrespected as a worker her. Also, you have to take off Stat days and don't get paid.
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Great work environment and lots of positive people

Most of the supervisors and upper management staff we great to work with. It was a real positive environment with great people. Work was done remotely during Covid.
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Challenging Work Environment - But Engaging

Working at AHS comes with a lot of challenges (like catering to the whims of the current provincial government) and funding cut backs. If you are in a corporate supporting role there are always new challenges and projects that you're handed that make things interesting.
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Un productive

Not a place to work. Every manager work for themselves and block important information. I would not recommend as they appear very down to earth, but in reality they do not respect anyone.
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Great pay, heavy workload

I worked at AHS for many years and while the pay was the best in town you worked blood sweat and tears for it. Some of the best physicians in Canada and I learned a great deal about medicine the hardest part was it just never seemed to be enough. They would pile on more and more work then you have to learn all of your coworkers jobs so you can cover for them too

Points positifs

Great pay

Points négatifs

Massive workload
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Fast-Paced Environent

Working for AHS has made monumental memories and lessons in my life. I enjoyed my years working there as the team in the Chinook Regional Hospital Lab was a great one that strived for an efficient, productive, safety-orientated work life. The Management there was exceptional and always tried their best to accommodate you. As it is inpatient hospital work you have to easily adapt to constant changes and work well under pressure. Being mindful about everything that is going on around you is a must. Communication was key for patient care and asking questions was promoted as you can always learn more. I enjoyed working there and creating long-locating friendships in the lab.
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Workplace environment really differs from one area to another

Hard to comment on workplace culture as I have had completely opposite experiences working between different units and areas within AHS. Management usually sucks but benefits and pay is supposedly one of the highest in Canada. Unfortunately many things like vacation and overtime eligibility is based on seniority, plus typical issues like short staffing, low morale, etc.
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Toxic work environment

Management only like people who suck up to them and give them what they want. If they don’t like you they make you miserable and try to push you out. Management protects bad workers, covers up mistakes for bad workers and sides with favourites in disagreement, gives all the shifts to favourites and only takes suggestions from favourites. They like target problem employees and find a way to push them out. The environment is stressful and toxic at times. The pay is good but the company culture is poor and the burnout is real. Abuse happens in multiple departments and nothing gets done about it. Don’t stay move on when you can.
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Good place

Good place to work during covid. Easy to make quick money and hours. Lots of experience here. Manager was really good. Liked how I could be casual and choose when to work
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Good pay and hours

Excellent benefits and pay. The flexibility to work from home is amazing. Metrics are a bit inaccurate and do not capture all of the things we do within human resources shared services. I've enjoyed my time there but I'm moving to human resources business partners to focus ore clients needs.
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Management is a but of a mess at times

management only likes you if you cater to egos or are their friend. Quality of work matters little to front line management and favoritism is abundant.Pay is reasonable
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Challenging, but rewarding

I enjoyed my time at AHS in various temp roles. The temp roles were like a foot in the door, and once you're in it's easy to move to something else that better suits you. All of the roles I held offered me so much support.
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I found the job rewarding and able to use my skills.

What is the best part of working at the company?Colleagues where good to work with What is the most stressful part about working at the company?One manager in particular was impossible to pleaseWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?I would rate ir as very good. Appreciation was freel givenWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?It was fairly relaxed however there were very busy times with long hours to meet deadline
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Fun work place and staff are extremely helpful and polite

AHS was a very pleasant experience and would encourage anyone to apply. All aspects of working in the kitchen was very rewarding and on the job training was extremely helpful and was everyone involved

Points positifs

Staff are awesome

Points négatifs

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For the poor parts of working at CBN, in general management is not very good. Often it is hard to understand priorities as tasks tend to be dumped on people and left to them to figure out what to work on and when. But with some of the teams being understaffed generally you will have a number of deadlines that are not all possible without doing unpaid overtime. For some roles such as mine there are also semi-regular overnight and weekend deployments, which do get Time in Lieu. But you will often be deploying the change overnight and then need to support it first thing in the morning which can be draining if there are multiple such deployments in a short span
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Lots of stereotyping of indigenous people from administration, nurses and triage team, the doctors were more professional and nonjudgmental of patientsOutright dehumanizing comments and treatment by management and staff were found “non substantiated “ by HR and “higher ups” even with proof and witnesses. Indigenous relation is a joke put in place to meet government “criteria “, pay is in line with a fast food worker even with experience and education.
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Productive and family oriented work place

What is the best part of working at the company?The best part is through patient care, you meet families and have friendsWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Influx of patients coming in, just like during covid.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?The work environment is very friendly and supportiveWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?you work and try to have smiles along the day
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I never disliked coming to work as each of us strove for good outcomes for clients and each other

I enjoyed working for community care and always enjoyed coming to work. I enjoyed investing into knowing clients, family, regulated staff and manager

Points positifs

Continual learning, HR support, great health benefits

Points négatifs

Time management with seniors was challenging
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