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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great pay, heavy workload

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I worked at AHS for many years and while the pay was the best in town you worked blood sweat and tears for it. Some of the best physicians in Canada and I learned a great deal about medicine the hardest part was it just never seemed to be enough. They would pile on more and more work then you have to learn all of your coworkers jobs so you can cover for them too

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Great pay

Points négatifs

Massive workload
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Hard times

In my time with AHS there were positives as far as wages & benefits. I was employed before COVID and during. The stress of Covid was tremendous on staff & managers. AHS made many mistakes at the site I worked and as a whole. By the time CoVid was settling staff had quit, management was in upheaval, residents and inpatients no longer came first. The stress and unrest on the floor was evident and VERY hard to work in. Upper-management was more concerned with spreadsheets, deadlines and photo ops than they were with staff and clients.

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Points négatifs

Stress put on my upper management and government
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Great place to work

Great people & great job. It’s super fun & you meet lots of great people. A bit nerve racking at first, but everyone makes you feel very welcome. It’s great!
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Rewarding work.

If you’re passionate about helping people and can handle the long work hours, it’s a great place to work. The process for on-boarding is extensive and lengthy.
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Management and Cowoker are difficult to work with

Management and coworkers are difficult to work with. It pay the bills but need a new job ASAP, the salary is great. Their are early shifts starting at 5 am which is rough.

Points positifs

Salary good

Points négatifs

Early shifts starting at 5 am
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Most enjoyable part of the job

Fast paced and each day is never the same. Wonderful learning new skills from all types of staff. You must be able to deal with many types of personalities and sometimes it can be very challenging. Very rewarding career for the most part
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Fast Pace Work Environment

typical day at work would include, discharging charts, executing phone consults to doctors, screen calling and insuring patient confidentiality. Management was fair and tried to make the work environment less stressful and more efficient. Hardest part of the job was the grimness that occurs in an emergency department. the best was collaborating with my co workers to make work easier on us.
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A very high paced and fun place to work

Where I work it is a feeling of family, we work as a team which is very high on my list. The most enjoyable part of my job is dealing with the parents when the first come to the unit, they have no idea what to expect. Their first priority is their child, so for me to make them more comfortable and try to make them feel at ease is a great reward.
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Flexibility to apply for different roles and positions. Went from being a casual admin support to full time unit clerk, then trainer. Internal learning support as well as to pursue relevant learning.
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Great job with great opportunity

AHS has been a wonderful experience for me and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to work in a face paced, fair, exciting work environment. Great opportunities!
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every unit differs but stressors the same

I've worked on many units and I have to say that each unit is different, but the attitudes many healthcare professionals is a bit similar. some units are very catty, others more relaxed, but one thing that is the same is the gossip and stress by coworkers.
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Float unit clerk in fast paced environments.

I love being a unit clerk. I enjoy going where the need is to help out a unit and perform my job to the best of my ability. We can be very busy with admissions, discharges, transfers and post op patients, let alone the orders we process on the unit. In the clinics you're checking patients in, making sure the proper information is available for their appointment, re booking appointments or surgeries and always being kind, professional and helpful.

Points positifs

co workers are usually awesome
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Cutbacks coming, looking for more hours. I love the staff but fear job loss will be coming. They hire to many casuals so I can’t pick up extra hours. Casuals get shifts first. Not fair.
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Certain areas were better to work than others. Angry emotional staff hard to deal with.

Angry emotional nursing staff. Liked my job as ward clerk. Treated very well, most places. Work orders were clear and manageable. Breaks/lunch great.
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Nice people, supportive environment

The unit I work on is super busy, but everyone I have encountered so far has been extremely helpful and supportive, making it much easier to learn the ins and outs of the job.
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Great environment

Working with the patients, coworkers and management was always a pleasure, it was a fast paced but enjoyable work environment and there was always work to be doing.
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I loved my co workers, I didn't like working for union I think workers need to be more accountable in service they provided, the hardest part of our job, was working in time allotted to to budgets, these tasks were not realistic, always
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When new students are employed their probation period should be six months

Students enter positions for practicum and sometimes get hired right after their course, most don’t get hired right away. Those that don’t get hired get caught in the unfortunate position of “if you don’t use it you lose it “, or maybe do get hired but aren’t given proper training based on their learning level.

Points positifs

Great wages, benefits, flexible schedule, able to pick up shifts

Points négatifs

Click groups of staff
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Positive Team Enviroment

While working with Alberta Health Services I noticed a great amount of team work, communication and leadership. Over All my experience was something I look forward to being a part of full time one day.
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Fulfilling position

Alberta Health Services is a great employer. They strive to make the workday both enjoyable and challenging for each employee. I have great job satisfaction and cannot imagine a career not in healthcare. I love helping others and am glad that I chose this as my main career.

Points positifs

assisting patients get through difficult times

Points négatifs

long hours
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Lots of support and encouragment of staff

Professional yet fun work environment. Very supportive management team and work place. Administration offers lots of opportunites for growth and advancement
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Unit Clerk chez Alberta Health Services

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