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Typical Alberta Healthcare; Generally Resource Lacking

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AHS is a huge organization providing most of the hospital based healthcare in Alberta. Foothill's Medical Centre is Calgary's largest hospital, and is a magnet hospital. Every possible service and specialty are here (with the exception of most Pediatrics (There is a Level 3 NICU - Neonatology, and Adolescent Psychiatry on site), Urology (Inpatient Urology is based at Rockyview General Hospital, but Urology Consults take place at FMC), and Vascular Surgery (which is based at Peter Lougheed Centre). University of Calgary Medical School is on site and Health Sciences Library. Great for Students and Residents/ Fellows. All patient care units/ areas are short staffed of Nurses, support staff. Some worse than Others. Burnout is high. Multiple support services (Food Services, etc.) have recently been contracted out and the quality of those services have plummeted. Management has historically been terrible, but has improved slightly in recent years. Nurses are generally angry due to mandatory overtime, denied vacations, chronic short staffing, and wages not keeping up with sharp cost of living increases in Calgary (and Alberta in General). Facility is HUGE, parking is an issue until you get a spot (waitlist is down to less than a year). Poor morale and attitude due to working conditions. Patients generally frustrated and angry at poor care due to short staffing and resources. Conditions have worsened for patients and staff in recent years.

Points positifs

Good for Learning (Student, Resident, etc), Almost all specialties on site, Newer units/ buildings in final stages of construction, pay and benefits (although now below inflation) historically good, HR generally responsive quickly, Lots of OT (but lots is also mandatory which is draining), Unions very responsive and powerful

Points négatifs

Chronic Short Staffing, Negative Staff Attitudes, Frustrated patients, Food Services for patients and staff are very poor, parking is a nightmare, pay for nurses has not kept up to current inflation, some buildings are old and in desperate need of repair/ replacement
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Excellent colleagues, management leaves a lot to be desired

I have worked for AHS since 2007, in various parts of Alberta. I relocated to RD in 2020. I have struggled with the majority of the managers I have worked under since moving here. Unfortunately things often are done in non union compliant ways, and the union is very familiar with all of the managers I have had issues with. I have had to grieve multiple job positions that I was then granted after the grievance process. As someone with a fair amount of seniority, I have had the least amount of vacation/personal leave approved since moving here, and often have had my shifts moved from days-evenings and weekdays to nights. Granted much of this was during Covid, but from what I gathered it was not uncommon pre Covid. The staff themselves are decent, with the exception of the usual bad apples. Some of the doctors are great, others are difficult to work with (as usual). Short staffing is often an issue (as usual). Not a bad area to work in, as many places are willing to provide some great education and training opportunities, but be prepared to stand up for your rights as an RN a bit more than you would typically have to in the larger centres.
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Good overall

A good company overall. Pays well overall, but very difficult to find a part-time position, at least in my area in labour and delivery. Many full-time positions but many nurses become burnt out.
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Workplace environment really differs from one area to another

Hard to comment on workplace culture as I have had completely opposite experiences working between different units and areas within AHS. Management usually sucks but benefits and pay is supposedly one of the highest in Canada. Unfortunately many things like vacation and overtime eligibility is based on seniority, plus typical issues like short staffing, low morale, etc.
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Good hospital

Management is either hit or miss. My unit manager was awesome, supportive. Workload can be a lot due to short staffing like every hospitals do. Coworkers are generally supportive and nice.
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Efficient work environment

Good orientation and policies available for support. Pays well and good benefit. People are mostly nice and helpful when you need help. enjoyed working here!
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Good workplace

Lots of opportunity for work as a registered nurse in the surgical float team, even working casually. Great benefits, learning environment, and helpful staff.
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Productive workplace

I learn something new every day….Big changes in the organisation and communication seems to lack to those of us dedicated to AHS. I can rely on accurate paycheque

Points positifs

Steady job

Points négatifs

Cancelled shifts!
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Staff can be curt towards one another

Enjoyed the workload at this clinic. Expectations are high here. Workload is fair. Dentists are very good to work for here. Need to be knowledgeable on all the practices n

Points positifs

Group get togethers

Points négatifs

Management can be mean
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Decent benefits/pay

AHS has lots of variety in terms of units, clinics and places to work. Benefits are decent and pay is good. However, over the last few years AHS has showed they value RNs less and less. A lot of the perks working here are thanks to the union not AHS. Managers are hit or miss, some are great and create an excellent workplace environment. Others not so much and will pressure you to go against union rules.
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Well Organized

Very well organized company to work for with educational opportunities (with approval) for growth. Ongoing change to better quality of patient care and employee satisfaction, including change to workplace culture.
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RN - underpaid & underappreciated

Nursing everywhere is high-stress and comes with emotional baggage but throughout the pandemic AHS has stopped caring at all about staff well-being.
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Received opportunities for professional growth

Received opportunities for professional growth. Safe working environment with supportive management. Good wage and benefits. Good education updates
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Advancement Opportunities

Overall working with Alberta Health Services depends a lot on where you work and who you work with NDA’s a registered nurse, I did notice an abundance of opportunities for advancement. However, there can be very little work life balance and management support was always lacking
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Great Unit Manager

Fast paced work environment, supportive teams and management. Lots of education and training. Lots of personal responsibility is needed for doing. a great job, you have to be flexible, assertive yet respectful.

Points positifs

Education & Training

Points négatifs

Long hours, staffing
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Good place to work

Good place to work in rural communities,been here for 6 years,nice community,recently short staffed and issues in hiring process since pandemic,hope managers can fix it
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decent employer in canada for health services

i found the majority of management were competent, and willing to try new ideas for better staffing, retention, training, and improving workplace culture (one place not so much and its why they're having a nightmare). definitely one of the better employers i have had as an experienced nurse who has worked in 2 provinces and a territory so far. i felt supported in my role, and you have ample resources and modular training to refer back to, educators so far have been incredible for on the job training and during onboarding (sounds like a bare minimum but i also came from northern remote jobs where you are literally left to figure it out all on your own and the training is a crash course made by someone who has no business or lacks experience in health care). its a huge employer, if you cant find this in your current role, trying a new one is usually easier to do by trying temporary assignments. your wage, shift differentials, and contract in this province is still probably the best in the country for work conditions and overall quality of life for being a nurse in our country. some hospitals are very old though and lack basic equipment or room functionality. for example you can be in a specialty where the unit was made 40 years ago, theres no lunch or break room for staff, washrooms are tiny, charting rooms non existent, crowding is insane... to then being in newer facilities that have beautiful amenities for breakrooms, washrooms, patient rooms are huge, you arent traveling around the hospital looking for a microwave because your unit actually has one. its really hit or miss, - 

Points positifs

flexibility in workplace for temp assignments, benefits, rrsp matching, pension, educators

Points négatifs

hard to be hired as an external without an in person, hit and miss work environments (takes maybe a few tries to find the perfect job but they do exist), alberta is way too conservative
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All about who you work with. Understaffed

Understaffed. Demanding work. Tough Rotations. However, rewarding and stable. Benefits are good but with the rotations it is hard to have work life balance with the schedule.
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falling apart - no accountability

AHS has become not focused on patient care - complacent - No accountability of employees or management. Abusive, disrespectful, aggressive, hostile work environment. Half the staff does as little as possible - personally reprimanded for trying to advocate for patients rights and wellbeing. Management is not interested in fixing things. Focused on appeasing staff they have - management only concerned about holding onto their own jobs - Gross work vacancies - management could step in and help - If you try to bring up issues - you are labelled as trouble-maker instead of concerned about patient outcomes. Toxic work environment. AHS is wasting millions of dollars paying people to do as little as possible.

Points positifs

Good working hours

Points négatifs

lack of effort from management to address glaring issues
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Difficult and soul sucking

AHS has been disrespecting our contract for years and as staffing levels get worse, the disrespect gets worse. Bring a registered nurse us difficult to begin with, but during the pandemic nurses were expected to out their lives and the lives of their families on the line for complete strangers. And then we were expected to do it for nothing extra except nightly pot banging. When we negotiated our contract in 2022 the government called us greedy for wanting a decent raise. We miss lunches, dinners, holidays, weddings, funerals, birthdays etc….all for complete strangers. I feel very disrespected and unappreciated by AHS and the UCP government

Points positifs

Pay and beneftis

Points négatifs

Disrespect from management up
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Stable but stressful work

Work as an RN in home care and I enjoy it. My management are average and no major complaints as they don't micro manage too much. Working in the community offers a different challenge with some flexibility. Good schedule and only day shifts
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Registered Nurse chez Alberta Health Services

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