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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Reliable employer, once you get in with AHS there is plenty opportunities. I have no genuine issue with my employer. The few sites I have worked at have always been positive experiences, I was lucky to have great managers and have a good team to work with. I think finding the right rotation to balance work/life is the most challenging part of this role. Overall, I am satisfied.
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A great place to start a career in nursing

What is the best part of working at the company?Great place to work..been a nurse with ahs for 16.5 years. Great benefits and support when you are unable to work. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Working without sufficient staffing levelsWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Nursing is a clique wherever you go but if you have a good team then it's betterWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Very fast paced depending on 8 hour shifts or 12's
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Did not enjoy

Went to school for 2 years to become an LPN, lasted a year in the job before I went back to something that didn't make me miserable. The pay sucks, the work sucks.
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Concise and to the point

Very busy unit, lots of skills exposure, very supportive workplace culture. Hardest part is keeping up with the dressings, discharges, and admissions. Most rewarding part is helping people get better and seeing them go home!

Points positifs

Shift Premiums
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Fast paced work place

This will not make a difference, but I feel the pay never fits the job. There is never enough workers to work the shift and everyone is run off their feet.

Points positifs

Learning possibilities

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Very nice work place

Love the teamwork. Everyone is helpful with one another. Fun place to work in. Amazing work life balance, depending on FTW. Everyone is nice and easy to get along with
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Management is ok

Management is Ok, got union to protect you. workplace culture is positive. Sometimes is lack of staffing, especially in small town. the hardest part of the job is the teamwork.
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Was treated respectfully and as a team member

I worked almost 15 years in GIM . I learned so much from my position there Our unit was a teaching unit and we had student interns and residents regularly. It was a very rewarding experience. I miss my work family very much ( moved provinces ). AHS was great for my nursing career as I started as a student then was hired on. I stayed in GIM as I found it very interesting with a diverse set of patients. No day was the same. It was very face paced and the patients were acutely ill. I learned so much fr all the members of my team

Points négatifs

Parking is expensive. And the wait list for staff parking can be lengthy
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Depends on the Unit

It truly depends on which unit/which area of AHS that you work in. On my Unit, it is very stressful. The workplace culture can be very supportive, or very toxic, it really depends who is working each day. I think there is a lot of room for growth.
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A lot of hours

Staff willing to help new graduates however some of the other staff can be quite mean to the newbies. However helping with patients makes it worth it
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Very okay - too large of a company to care about their employees

I work as a nurse for AHS and I know there’s far better places to work for. They don’t actually care about their employees. We’re all just a number. The work life balance sucks obviously because it’s shift work and it’s hard to get the positions that aren’t shift work. Management doesn’t seem to ever care about staffing issues, often leaving us short handed and leaving a stressful place to work. Benefits are okay. Nothing amazing. My husband has far better benefits than I do.
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Really stressful, but teaches you experience

Working as an LPN, you will notice how hard it is to feel well compensated for your work when other RNs and you do a lot of the similar things (unless you’re charge) and you get paid $8-10 less. AHS is an alright place, but I guess you never feel valued enough to work there and you’ll feel disposable which can be a good or bad thing, depending on what you’re looking for in a job. Stressful days for sure, pre-shift anxiety is real when you work day shifts. Casual positions don’t get benefits from the company and they almost always tell you to work a shift last minute even when they know they are short-staffed wayyyyy before, which means you have less time to prepare for your shift should you accept it.
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Good place to work

As difficult it is to even get into AHS without any inside connections, no matter what skills/experience you have .. once you have your foot in the door there are plenty of opportunities as an internal applicants be it a job opportunity or education training.
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A toxic work culture, understaffing, and poor management that seems to be a common issue throughout AHS.

Nurses definitely "eat their young", management can be very non supportive with bullying. LPN's are underpaid & over worked. I would not recommend working for AHS.
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Busy but teamlike atmosphere

Depending which unit or area you choose to work will dictate how your experience with AHS goes. If it's on an inpatient unit, you will be stressed and likely forced to work short, covering for staff who are not present or called in sick last minute.
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Secure job, Fast paced

It's an ok place to work. No raise for 7 years despite increasing work expectations but pay is still decent. Benefits for LPN's are dismal. Most positions are shift work, of course so work-life balance is not good. I would recommend getting a casual or part time position so you can have more flexibility. In summary, I'd give it 6 stars out of 10.
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Minimal flexibility, constant pressure and low morale

I do not recommend this business to anyone. Management minimizes the importance of a healthy and inclusive workplace as this business does not value its employees and will not hear and implement change or improvement within the system for workers.
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Good for the experience.

Being a nurse is great, but our government makes it really hard. Continuous budget cuts make your patient assignments maxed out and you are chronically short staffed on purpose. It’s a good place to get experience in the field but it’s hard not to burn out and the pay checks don’t reflect your hard work.
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Fast paced

The day goes quickly, staff are always on the move very fast paced. Staff are eager to assist but we are often short staffed and often mandated to work due to being short staffed. Most clients in LTC are stable but have co-morbid disease, and if they get sick they are no longer transfer to ER we take care of them on unit where we do not have enough staff to care for acute clients. Still we do this often create a stressful environment for staff breaks get missed, and clients are often late to get medication because there nurse has been pulled into an emergency.

Points positifs

Lots of overtime

Points négatifs

Never enough staff
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Productive and well managed work place

I enjoy working for AHS. They provide safe workplace environment, very good ongoing training, variety of supportive services for employees and much more.
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Small town rural location

Small town rural location with a good international team, team nursing oriented, with dynamic and a vast array of patient diagnoses. An excellentstarting point for any nurse. Some limitations on the location and access to care/education
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Licensed Practical Nurse chez Alberta Health Services

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