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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Unfortunately is not a good company to work with

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Everything is automated. if you need a personalize employment letter of employent for an specific process, such as Permanent residence application they are unwilling to help, as you can just download this auto-generated letter. No work life balanced, nenefits are a joke as you have to pay for the benefits( you get money deducted from your paycheque.)

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they pay on time

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Most everything
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Productive, fun workplace and a fulfilling job.

What is the best part of working at the company?It’s a Government company, it pays good, good benefits and with union. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?When working short staffed and if your working with a co worker who is bossy. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?It depends which department are you. Long Term Care is fast paced. Home Care is kinda slow. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Good with routines, going to clients.
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good place to work

i love it so much! the work and the management here is great! :) i get to build relationships with the people work with and the patients i am helping to assist! :)

Points positifs

good benefits/pension

Points négatifs

sometimes unfair advantages
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Supportive co workers and understanding.People will allow you to learn by experience.Good pay but nit enough hours for casuals.Less stressGood place to workGreat benefits packageProfessional peopleLots of enhancement trainingFast paced

Points positifs

Good pay

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Good workplace

Was a great experience working as a health care aide. Learned alot and coworkers were very friendly and accepting. Felt valued as part of the team. I would recommend applying
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Not a fun place to work very stressful

The manager was horrible. But if u can work when she’s not there or just avoid you’ll probably b ok. Other staff watches your every move so u gotta watch your back

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Points négatifs

Physical and mentally draining
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Fast passed.

Fast paced, decent pay. Good experience. Would suggest it as an employer. You feel like a number sometimes if you don’t have a great manager. Decent pension

Points positifs

Good experience

Points négatifs

No free pqrkinh
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Wage isn’t a reflection of the hard work you put in

Clients and staff suffer at the hands of AHS. The solution isn’t privatization though, just an overhaul of the many micromanagers and better wages for the staff. AHS should be ashamed of themselves. Worst provincial health authority I have worked for.
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Terrible overall

The company has poor compassion for Mental Health.Lay -offs through a PandemicMission statement and vision statement don't align with the actual working conditions.Does not support time off for further education and family/work balance
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Alberta Health Services is a fun place to work, I enjoyed the people I worked with and the residents.

Hello and good day. I thoroughly enjoyed my job and the staff I worked with as well as the residents. However I have Austio arthritis and am lo get able to work as a health care aide. I am currently looking for a office type work which is much easier on the body. I very sorry to say good bye to my fellow workers and the management.
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Really good benefits, pays well

While Alberta health services is a good company to work for. Be careful of the facility you choose. AHS is large and has many employment opportunities, but the management in most of them are not so good. There is alot of gossip, choosing sides, favorites, and misinformation. I lost my career with this company due to management and COVID. It is too bad there are no higher up people who check on the small facilities to ensure employees are not being mistreated, bullied, or lied to by management and coworkers. As any workplace, be smart, be healthy, be quiet. Otherwise...AHS is a great employer as a company.

Points positifs

Health/wellness benefits, above average pay

Points négatifs

Short staffed, must pick up doubles or your treated unfairly. Make rules as they go. Favoritism
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all AHS cares about is money and “saving” money they don’t care about their workers or residents at all

Ahs spends too much time worrying about how little money they should spend instead of remembering we are people living people. makes you never want to be put in a retirement home because we are so understaffed we can’t manage to have personal care rather treat every resident the same (LTC)

Points positifs

helping people

Points négatifs

long hours - you don’t get free food unless you work 16 hours ???
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fast paced

It was a good place to work, but sometimes it all depends with the people you are working with, when you are new to the place it is hard cause some people do n ot have the patience to show you, the things you need to know

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Points négatifs

needs very management
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Terrible manager

low wages, over worked and always working short. management not understanding and Is ruthless. quite often breaks and lunches are missed and you wont be compensated for them. You cannot plan a vacation because management wont approve them.
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Productive educational and amazing place to work

Productive educational and amazing place to work.I have been actively employed at AHS as a health care aid enjoy every moment of it .They provide lots of education and respect from coworkers clients and management. I continue to excel in my workInterest and requirements on a yearly basis .AHS Has been my full-time employment for the last eight years and four months

Points positifs

Awesome place to work

Points négatifs

No cons to report
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A good place to work with good benefits and salary.

I worked for Alberta Health Services for 10 years, Employees are encouraged to keep up to date with education in their field of work. Management is approachable if you have any questions.
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Challenging and rewarding

I work with residents that have dementia and Alzheimer’s which is a challenge. It’s a challenge when I give them direction and they don’t follow and I have to get them to understand to what you want them to do. Another challenge is to have patience when residents ring every few minutes when I’m with another resident. There is always a chance to learn how to get round these challenges.Thank goodness I have a partner to work with through these challenges. The other thing I’m thankful for is the laughs that are shared with the residents. When we can make them laugh there is a connection on a fun level that is so rewarding.

Points positifs

Support from staff

Points négatifs

Challenges for communication
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I was proud to say I worked for Alberta Health Services

When I was employed by AHS , that particular facility could have used some improvement in the management department, which it was starting to get when I left there. Other than that, the residents were great, my coworkers were awesome to work with (some more than others, lol) , and I really enjoyed going to work everyday.
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AHS provide a wide variety of experiences to their employees,Giving them the necessary experience for them to gain additional knowledge as they go along,They treat their employees well,providing them with the best and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company's mission.They have genuine interest in people they manage and create an environment for a greater growth

Points positifs

Greater opportunity for growth

Points négatifs

Not open for suggestion
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Questioning are appropriate for job description. Working for several years with Alberta Health Services has been good to me overall.I would recommend employment with them as a secure career.
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Good but underfunded

Working as a health care aide is extremely challenging but rewarding AHS has good values but due to government funding I believe there is understaffing issues
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Health Care Aide chez Alberta Health Services

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22,40 $ par heure

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