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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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What is the best part of working at the company?The coworkers. The clients. The continuous learning. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The complexity of the work. Management.
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Wage isn’t a reflection of the hard work you put in

Clients and staff suffer at the hands of AHS. The solution isn’t privatization though, just an overhaul of the many micromanagers and better wages for the staff. AHS should be ashamed of themselves. Worst provincial health authority I have worked for.
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Good nursing job, experiences can vary greatly depending on the unit

Benefits are 75% employer paid, nursing wages follow the union grid, paid time off is good, but staffing shortages mean vacation time rarely gets approved. Management is okay and unit culture is good depending on which unit you're on. Most nurses are supportive of new grads but orientation is not long enough. Overall good place to start your career.
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Great place to work.

Everyone I dealt with was great. The staff I work with are soo sweet and kind. Really enjoy my job. Love the opportunities to learn more through online portal.
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Enjoyed the work.

I enjoyed the work. Training process is chaotic. Management gives empty promises of full time employment but never follow through. Great coworkers.
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Terrible manager

low wages, over worked and always working short. management not understanding and Is ruthless. quite often breaks and lunches are missed and you wont be compensated for them. You cannot plan a vacation because management wont approve them.
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Questioning are appropriate for job description. Working for several years with Alberta Health Services has been good to me overall.I would recommend employment with them as a secure career.
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A good place to live, work, learn and grow as a professional and a community member

Excellent leadership culture exists here. However, it is a highly unionized clinical environment. There is a work-life-family balance. Job security is assured, salary package isn't bad but could be better especially for managers since they are 'Out of Scope' and no union to fight for them in terms of benefits. Job culture is great as it remains zero tolerance to workplace bully and the like.
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Fast paced work environment

Great learning opportunity as a RN to work in various settings. Education opportunities are available more in cities not in GP that much. Staff works as a great team.

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Stress is high
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Good but underfunded

Working as a health care aide is extremely challenging but rewarding AHS has good values but due to government funding I believe there is understaffing issues
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a fairly good place to work for. mangers are understanding and work with you. most of the co workers a good to work with. they try to give you the work you need.
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Don't appreciate their health care aides

October 18th is health care aide day, not one card, gift or even a pat on the back from the management. Nurses week is full of games and prizes, baked goods and fun. so if you are a nurse this is a great workplace for you, if you are a HCA stay far away from this company. They act like you are a very valuable member and would help you out in anyway. This is far from true, don't ever feel like you can get help from them for anything. The pay is horrible, most of the HCAs have to work 2 jobs to afford to live. Nurses get full time, HCAs get part time. The only thing that keeps the HCAs sane is the union. You have to use all of your vacation every year, most of your vacation requests will get denied, if you don't use the hours up then they will book your vacation for you. Hurting yourself at a client, submitted safety reports along with other HCAs complaining of the same, instead of trying to fix the problem they shove it under the rug and ask if you want to be re-trained there by anther co-worker, not every single HCA has had that same problem as you so it must be something that you are doing wrong, not the situation. The clients are honestly the best part about the job, well the only good part. Go work for a different company, anywhere will appreciate you more, I promise.

Points positifs

amazing clients

Points négatifs

the management, pay, hours, appreciation
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Have been working for Alberta Heath services for over 10 years and has always been a great fun learning environment to work in. Lots of great people and staff to be around
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Patient's and family appreciate what you do for them

Poor management and very stressful place to work with favortism and bullying to the point where you can't work and have to be on stress leave. Even after working for Alberta health Services for yrs.

Points positifs

Family appreciating

Points négatifs

Too many favorites and not being treated equal
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Thank god there is a Union...

AHS itself isn't so bad, they have a lot of programs to help you out if need be. However, management was terrible. They don't care whatsoever about their employees and ultimately is the reason I want to leave.
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Good place to learn and grow

A good environment to learn and grow in. Equipment is well maintained. Good start for single or those who have the ability to work 24 hour shifts away from home. Pay is excellent
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Where you are a number not a person

This review comes from over 10 years of experience with Alberta Health Services. The organization claims to have a patient centered model but I can speak directly in opposition to this, Alberta Health Services is clearly a budget centered operation. Management practices favor budgets over staff health and safety, several departments are non-compliant with new changes in Occupational Health & Safety legislation because the cost would be too high. Work life balance is a joke and if you use sick time you are placed on attendance awareness.

Points positifs

They pay on time

Points négatifs

Management, Benefits, Worklife Balance
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Great place to work

Busy atmosphere, excellent working environment with a strong sense of department bonding. I have worked in several departments as a casual employee and always felt I was making a difference.
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Love this workplace

I love working for Alberta health services. They have excellent benefits and are very accommodating and attentive. I have worked here just over a year now and i am a very happy employee.
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productive environment

I have never worked with AHS. However, I have enjoyed my learning through this institute during my placement as a student. This would be a place where one would enjoy their employment.
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Great work place environment, good salary and benefits.

I have learned a lot over the last few years working as a unit clerk. Its fun, interesting. You get to work beside doctors and nurses. Sometimes they can be rude, but you just deal with it and keep doing the job. Non stop police, fire fighters, STARS and EMS. You get to see a lot of scary stuff.
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