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Love supporting others

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Alberta Health Services gave me purpose in life, i was able to use my lived experiences with Addiction and Mental Health. Working with professionals i was able to show what its like to live in recovery. The pay is awesome, but you'd think theyd have better health care benefits. Long shifts under union agreement, up to self to find work/life balance.
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Typical Alberta Healthcare; Generally Resource Lacking

AHS is a huge organization providing most of the hospital based healthcare in Alberta. Foothill's Medical Centre is Calgary's largest hospital, and is a magnet hospital. Every possible service and specialty are here (with the exception of most Pediatrics (There is a Level 3 NICU - Neonatology, and Adolescent Psychiatry on site), Urology (Inpatient Urology is based at Rockyview General Hospital, but Urology Consults take place at FMC), and Vascular Surgery (which is based at Peter Lougheed Centre). University of Calgary Medical School is on site and Health Sciences Library. Great for Students and Residents/ Fellows. All patient care units/ areas are short staffed of Nurses, support staff. Some worse than Others. Burnout is high. Multiple support services (Food Services, etc.) have recently been contracted out and the quality of those services have plummeted. Management has historically been terrible, but has improved slightly in recent years. Nurses are generally angry due to mandatory overtime, denied vacations, chronic short staffing, and wages not keeping up with sharp cost of living increases in Calgary (and Alberta in General). Facility is HUGE, parking is an issue until you get a spot (waitlist is down to less than a year). Poor morale and attitude due to working conditions. Patients generally frustrated and angry at poor care due to short staffing and resources. Conditions have worsened for patients and staff in recent years.

Points positifs

Good for Learning (Student, Resident, etc), Almost all specialties on site, Newer units/ buildings in final stages of construction, pay and benefits (although now below inflation) historically good, HR generally responsive quickly, Lots of OT (but lots is also mandatory which is draining), Unions very responsive and powerful

Points négatifs

Chronic Short Staffing, Negative Staff Attitudes, Frustrated patients, Food Services for patients and staff are very poor, parking is a nightmare, pay for nurses has not kept up to current inflation, some buildings are old and in desperate need of repair/ replacement
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Rewarding but demanding.

What is the best part of working at the company?Knowing that your skills and experience are helping people in need.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Always moving the goalposts. They always want you to do more, with less.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Depends a lot on the manager, as the work can be inherently stressful. The manager who is familiar with and sympathetic to your role is the one to have.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Crazy busy or boring if clinic patients do not show.
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Thankless job

Patient to nurse ratio unacceptable. Expectations constantly being raised, without any change in staffing or pay. Too many managers. Often initiatives promoted by directors in Alberta Health Services are counterintuitive and often decrease safety and give with patients.
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Productive work atmosphere; lots of opportunities to collaborate with health providers

Team work is almost always necessary to perform well.Patient care is priority! Sensitivity to other's needs and culture is important for team success

Points positifs

Support staff development

Points négatifs

Competitive and difficult to advance to higher positions
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Productive workplace

If you do your job right no one bugs you, nice guys that'll help you out if you show interest. Union strong and everything safety, Ideal for a fella who cares about gettin home.
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Great place to start your career and move up

HRI is a great entry-level position to really get your foot through the door at AHS. The hours can be sporadic but it's definitely worth it if you're trying to pursue a career within the health care field.
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Job security

Reliable employer, once you get in with AHS there is plenty opportunities. I have no genuine issue with my employer. The few sites I have worked at have always been positive experiences, I was lucky to have great managers and have a good team to work with. I think finding the right rotation to balance work/life is the most challenging part of this role. Overall, I am satisfied.
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Depends on your manager

The bureaucracy within the research units is crazy- great projects not moving forward at all and no accountability for leads to keep moving. The 'dyad' leadership structure ensures that the top level is arguing with each other. It may be different within different teams.
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Good overall

A good company overall. Pays well overall, but very difficult to find a part-time position, at least in my area in labour and delivery. Many full-time positions but many nurses become burnt out.
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Emplois et carrières chez Alberta Health Services

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Great co-workers.

I enjoyed being part of a team that took pride in their contribution to providing optimal health care. I would relish an opportunity to work for this organization again in the future.

Points positifs

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Respectful workplace

Good work life balance. Very poor salary. Nice benefits. Nice workmates. Cares about the customer. Great sense of purpose. Great job security. Predominantly good managers and good HR to check against when managers become not so great.

Points positifs

Good work life balance. Nice workmates.

Points négatifs

Poor salary
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Challenging Work Environment - But Engaging

Working at AHS comes with a lot of challenges (like catering to the whims of the current provincial government) and funding cut backs. If you are in a corporate supporting role there are always new challenges and projects that you're handed that make things interesting.
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Workplace environment really differs from one area to another

Hard to comment on workplace culture as I have had completely opposite experiences working between different units and areas within AHS. Management usually sucks but benefits and pay is supposedly one of the highest in Canada. Unfortunately many things like vacation and overtime eligibility is based on seniority, plus typical issues like short staffing, low morale, etc.
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Toxic work environment

Management only like people who suck up to them and give them what they want. If they don’t like you they make you miserable and try to push you out. Management protects bad workers, covers up mistakes for bad workers and sides with favourites in disagreement, gives all the shifts to favourites and only takes suggestions from favourites. They like target problem employees and find a way to push them out. The environment is stressful and toxic at times. The pay is good but the company culture is poor and the burnout is real. Abuse happens in multiple departments and nothing gets done about it. Don’t stay move on when you can.
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Management is a but of a mess at times

management only likes you if you cater to egos or are their friend. Quality of work matters little to front line management and favoritism is abundant.Pay is reasonable
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I found the job rewarding and able to use my skills.

What is the best part of working at the company?Colleagues where good to work with What is the most stressful part about working at the company?One manager in particular was impossible to pleaseWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?I would rate ir as very good. Appreciation was freel givenWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?It was fairly relaxed however there were very busy times with long hours to meet deadline
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Productive and family oriented work place

What is the best part of working at the company?The best part is through patient care, you meet families and have friendsWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Influx of patients coming in, just like during covid.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?The work environment is very friendly and supportiveWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?you work and try to have smiles along the day
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AHS is a corporation just like the other corporations. They protect the higher ups and dump on the front line workers. Its a love/hate relationship but most of us didn't get into healthcare for the corporate side, we got into healthcare to help people. If you're a lazy worker - the union will protect you. If you're a hard worker - you will get overburdened with workload, they won't ask you about it, they'll just add to your workload and expect you to do it all.
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Good opportunities for peer interactions Can be supportive but.depence.on manager

Working in AHS has its good points but you have very little direct input in daily practice operations. Very little scope for new learning and limited formal support.for same .

Points positifs

Great benefits

Points négatifs

No admin support for my busy clinical role risk of burn out
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Good hospital

Management is either hit or miss. My unit manager was awesome, supportive. Workload can be a lot due to short staffing like every hospitals do. Coworkers are generally supportive and nice.
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