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Horrible communication between departments, but amazing people in general

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The work itself is not very stressful and the people you work with more often than not are friendly and supportive. The management was good at managing their departments, but when multiple departments needed to collaborate everything fell flat and disputes would occur frequently between management.

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Bad communication
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Fun workplace

Very caring understanding management. The job is not to hard, you'll have some challenging days but most days you take your time and your okay and busy throughout the day!! Great teams good staff and management 👍

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Good wage decent work

Points négatifs

Can get messy
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Management and Cowoker are difficult to work with

Management and coworkers are difficult to work with. It pay the bills but need a new job ASAP, the salary is great. Their are early shifts starting at 5 am which is rough.

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Salary good

Points négatifs

Early shifts starting at 5 am
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Very okay - too large of a company to care about their employees

I work as a nurse for AHS and I know there’s far better places to work for. They don’t actually care about their employees. We’re all just a number. The work life balance sucks obviously because it’s shift work and it’s hard to get the positions that aren’t shift work. Management doesn’t seem to ever care about staffing issues, often leaving us short handed and leaving a stressful place to work. Benefits are okay. Nothing amazing. My husband has far better benefits than I do.
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Never again. Poor culture no raises bullying from management and other staff, don’t care about the people what so ever. Complacent management. Good pension but not worth it
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there were about 4 full-time positions with 40 part-time and casual workers. competition fierce amongst the workers.

I was pretty happy to work in this well paid job. until the management decisions during the pandemic. The cleaning requirements are stringent and needed for safety. especially during the pandemic. the staff numbers were cut in half and the work doubled. management hired and housed out of towners to do extra work and we continued to do same daily work with less than half staff. I complained to make management aware. they used many ears to ensure myself and friends were always on guard. what a stressful struggle for fair pay. if you do work for them, use the union reps and record everything.

Points positifs

pay above average for cleaning

Points négatifs

staff friction encouraged and spying daily by union workers for management favors
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Peers and People with Lived Experience need to be provided greater opportunities to flourish in Peer Roles

I love working in Mental Health but it can be challenging to work as a Peer Support Worker on clinical teams. Lived experience of mental health and/or substance use and experience navigating recovery is not regarded highly enough in contrast to clinical and professional roles.

Points positifs

Client are great, great colleagues make all the difference

Points négatifs

Burnout, Lack of Role Clarity, Little opportunity for Supervision and Support, Few Opportunities for Career Advancement
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Informative and productive

Being part of AHS is a path way to higher opportunities within the organisation. Teach you more about diet and restriction of patient in food you served.Working in AHS is very welcoming for start. They also paid weekend differencial in wages in an hourly basis.
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Feels like you are working for a criminal organization.

Top heavy management that threatens and belittles employees. They graciously offered us to sit on our phones and drink coffee for 4 out of 6 hours when there was nothing for us to do because the place was a ghost town, but they told the world they were over-loaded with COVID patients in ICU. They lie.

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If you have y personal integrity, is not the place to be employed.
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Great place to work if you have a great supervisor

I have worked in 3 different locations for AHS. Working at 2 of them were just fun and easy. Other one was miserable because the supervisor was never on site and bunch of old ladies working there for long time often gossiped and created unnecessary troubles. Other than that all golden. Good pay and benefits
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Great team work

Willing to train, good opportunities within AHS. Safety is a priority and I would say that as long as you are customer oriented, then you will be awesome at your job.

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Best place to work with best culture. Enjoy the work life balance and support from management. They value their employee and comfort of the employee.
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Good company

Good benefits and pay, although with Alberta Health Services merging with DynaLife, we may see a shift in these benefits and pay. Otherwise good place to work
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Stressful but good benefits

Workplace has good atmosphere, depending on the work you do there will be varying requirements. If you work as casual staff, expect to be moved around to different locations often.
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Poorly Ran

Always short staffed. You won’t get anywhere for being a good employee. Terrible management for the most part. You are either micromanaged or there’s no support at all.
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Great place to work. Friendly staff and great management. Excellent opportunities to move around in the company.

At Alberta Health Services the wages are top notch and the management is fair and very pleasant.It's easy to apply for different roles within Alberta Health Services. Lots of job opportunities.
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Equal and inclusive employer with great leadership

I have been with AHS for 9 years having moved from Ontario. The interview was conducted telephonically in a friendly and psychologically safe way after having been looking for similar jobs in Ontario with no success for 2 years. It’s been an amazing journey of learning, unlearning and relearning that has facilitated both personal and professional growth. I am grateful for the opportunity.
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Fun work place and not stressful

My manager before was really nice and very accomodating. She values her people and gives consideration maybe that’s why she got promoted because she earned it. 😊 The people I worked with are very nice.
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Amazing entry-level job

We prepare food for patients, bring the trays back, then clean up. Management is mostly good, they are understanding and fair. Coworkers are a tight-knit group as well. Hardest part of the job would probably be when it's very chaotic and there are a lot of things that need to be done at the same time. For the most part, it's calm and enjoyable work.
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Really stressful, but teaches you experience

Working as an LPN, you will notice how hard it is to feel well compensated for your work when other RNs and you do a lot of the similar things (unless you’re charge) and you get paid $8-10 less. AHS is an alright place, but I guess you never feel valued enough to work there and you’ll feel disposable which can be a good or bad thing, depending on what you’re looking for in a job. Stressful days for sure, pre-shift anxiety is real when you work day shifts. Casual positions don’t get benefits from the company and they almost always tell you to work a shift last minute even when they know they are short-staffed wayyyyy before, which means you have less time to prepare for your shift should you accept it.
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Overall, great experience

I've enjoyed working for AHS. In my experience, they seem to care for their employees. Transperancy with frequent internal updates, great wages/benefits, and a lot of support for mental health.

Points positifs

Wages, benefits, mental health support

Points négatifs

People who take advantage of being unionized
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