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The staff at AHS Red Deer is toxic with many bullies. DO NOT WORK THERE! Not a place where you feel supported or comfortable. So stressful I had ++ anxiety going to work and I was very depressed about my entire experience there.

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Extremely toxic work environment
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Highly stressful due to lack of resources

The government should not be running EMS. Ever since the take-over happened, the quality of the job has decreased exponentially. The lack of resources for staff as well as the increase in the offload delay times is causing staff burnout. I am glad that I got out when I did.
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Great place to work

The ladies I worked with were amazing and became family. The clients were all wonderful and I miss working there so much.I would go back to work there in a heartbeat!

Points positifs

Amazing coworkers & clients

Points négatifs

Driving in winter
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Good pay, but not worth dealing with leadership

For ten years I worked at AHS and met some of the best coworkers I've worked with and genuinely enjoyed my job. Management was hit or miss at first, but the new waves in the past few years was increasingly toxic and prone to micromanagement. Retirements and transfers became common.Then the covid measures hit, and insne procedures coupled with an increasing workload started to raise burnout. People were tired, but the amount of work still increased. My coworkers and Iwere still able and willing to deal with it though.Then AHS leadership decides to take my medical decisions into their own hands and forces people to either get vaccinated or take an indeterminate leave of absence. Surely this means they are serious about patient care and are only looking out for the health of the patients, right?Three to four months later, they rescind this requirement. This means they were doing this to punish those who failed to comply, and not interested in following the science in the first place.Management / leadership has zero respect for your time, commitment, and well-being. You are a cog, and as soon as you go against their rather arbitrary agenda you will be replaced. If you are aspiring to work there my only hope is that you dont value your individuality because you will have your spirit crushed under the weight of bureaucracy and procedure; all of which is poised to be turned on you as soon as you deviate from the monolith of the company.Uniting most of Albertas healthcare under one company was a horrific idea and will become a huge problem in the near future if not broken - 

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Pay is sufficient, job was alright, coworkers were great

Points négatifs

Great coworkers never made it to management, leadership is inflexible and patronizing.
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Challenging and rewarding workplace!

Overall I had a great experience working for AHS. Management and team leads were very approachable and helpful to ensure I was successful in my position. My only concern was the scheduling as I had a full time position, I'd have preferred 2 consecutive days off each week.

Points positifs

Fair salary

Points négatifs

Not scheduling days off consecutively
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The job culture is draining

Working in healthcare can be very rewarding or extremely draining. Myself and others who work for alberta health services can all agree that the mentality of those who work on the support staff side of AHS is terrible. We are not paid fairly, worked to the bone, management is terrible and co-workers are so hungry to secure a full time position that they will go behind your back just to get one up on the boss. I do not recommend working for AHS despite the “good pay and benefits” they boast about. Not worth your mental health nose diving.
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Great staff great leadership plenty of hours

The benefits package and the scheduling are fantastic in an admin role. Can only speak for that. Organized, excellent communication between staff and HR. IT sept is a god sent and help you through tech stuff if you aren’t . Everyone works as a well oiled machine it’s fantastic - do not give up an opportunity to work for them if you have it - then you can apply elsewhere within the company

Points positifs

Pay, benefits
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Good team work

I have worked with Alberta health services for about 3 years. I worked as a health information management professional. I coded patient chart for about one year. Then I worked for a cancer diagnosis project for two years. Overall, I have learned a lot in the last 3 years.

Points positifs

Flexible, work form home

Points négatifs

Salary is good but not very high.
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Good working environment and respectful of individual cultures.

Love working with my team of highly professional workers. Stable job. Wish the salary compensate well when new jobs outside of your original qualification was given. Several trainings are provided to help you develop your skills.
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Stressful, fast-paced workplace with pay frozen for 8 years

I used to love working at AHS. In the past 3 years, it has become stressful, with increasing workloads and tighter turnarounds. Salaries for non-union employees have been frozen for 8 years. Management offers faint praise and pretends that they are interested in updating salaries but hasn't done a single thing to improve the situation in 8 years.
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Good coworkers, management has poor communication skills

No sense of pride, that's what working for the government entails I suppose. Biggest problem is the for staff no nothing about the overall goings on. Management will change things at the last second or are inconsistent in the application of policies.
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As expected

Your experience will vary by unit. My first unit had an extremely short orientation for a new grad and I felt very unsafe. Current department is ok but hard to get an FTE. Overall what I expected:hard work, often short staffed, but great pay and other benefits.
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It was a great place to work but…

I had an employee that didn’t like me and reported EVERY little thing I did wrong. Which in turn would get me brought into a meeting with Management. It was stressful, I did nothing to her for her to hate me.

Points positifs

Off work by 4:30

Points négatifs

Hateful employees
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Over worked and under valued

EMS is in a crisis and management will not do anything about it. Not enough resources means you're over worked. Expect mandatory overtime. Stressful job, terrible management. Everyone is dropping like flies...

Points positifs

great co workers

Points négatifs

management is terrible.
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Good enough.

It was pretty good until Covid hit. I haven’t gotten vacation time in over a year. Very store full and a lot is expected from you with little motivation from manage to
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Good place to work.

Friendly co-workers who are very productive and will help you if needed. Breaks and vacation time were almost always respected and they do a great job of training staff.
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Productive and fun workplace

Typical day involved a lot of walking and going from one place to another. Research was interesting and overall a good experience, would recommend to work here.
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Large multi union workplace

It's a massive multi-level organization with multiple unions spread across an entire province which means you need to be open minded when reading any AHS reviews as some staff and managers work their cans off in a stressful environment while others simply warm a seat. Overall the benefits are good for both union and non union workers. UNA and HSAA have solid collective agreements. Non-unionized staff have been in a pay freeze for the last decade. Managing unionized staff can be very stressful on managers. Non union staff and managers will have to get used to attending multiple meetings daily. Again, the organization is very large and diversified. Read many reviews to get an overall picture.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Too many meetings
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Job security and flexibility and pay are good

AHS is a great place to work in terms of job security, flexibility, pay and benefit. only problem is there are people who are using the system and limited opportunity for growth within the organization.
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Almost a decade and never felt like I mattered

Very toxic. I worked in multiple locations/sites and always stressful and toxic. Alot of backstabbing and being issues under the rug.Would not suggest working for AHS.

Points négatifs

To many to list
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