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Why did you leave your job at Alberta Health Services?

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  • Relocating

  • May be the schedule is not much with the employee.

  • Very top heavy. Management either bullies or turns a blind eyes to those managers that do

  • Bully from management is very real. It seems to be encouraged. I think the union is very aware. I wonder if management ever reads this section

  • Bullying from management plain and simple. The fact that several long term staff had left because of the same manager and nothing was ever done about it shows the attitude by upper management that we are not valued members of the team. Essentially, we are replaceable and mean nothing, even after having been a dedicated, well respected, hardworking staff member there for 15 years. Pretty sad really

  • I worked in the Operating Room in Grande Prairie where we had hostile RN's who in just my opinion felt that LPN's were trying to take their jobs.
    LPN's were Not allowed to work to Scope.

    I came from the U of A and the Royal Alex Hospital's Operating Rooms, and these are Teaching Hospitals. There was Management confusion, and I believed that the older RN's were teaching the new young RN's incorrect Practices and Procedures, which I found almost intolerable as I mentioned, I came from the best teaching hospitals in Edmonton, Alberta.

  • Need some change

  • Bullying and hostility from management. A very hostile and toxic environment where bullies are rewarded.

  • My employer keeps scolding me which is not reasonable, it is true to most.It makes so stressful at work.

  • The bullying and hostility is definately getting worse. I have been nursing for 22 years and have never seen it so bad.
    Wisdom: do not gossip, walk away focus on your patients. If your manager doesnt listen go above her/his head.

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