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What are the perks offered by Alberta Health Services?

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  • Helping people stay healthy, getting health benefits.

  • Constant continuing Education, from yearly CPR, many Inservices for different issues.
    Good Salary, many very good Benefits. If you are lucky, you will work with Team Players and meet other professionals

    I have always believed that I was an Excellent Nurse

    I turned to Specialty Nursing when the work load just got to Heavy and I was not able to give the quality care that I had maintained for many years as a LPN.

  • Good benefit, good paying, strong union

  • Trainings like CPR yearly, medicaton Administration and other trainings for the job should be free while employee give their time to do it. Why is police clearance required every 2 years when ut has no expiration?

  • Working with a nice people. Training should be good.

  • Horrible. There picky they don't give everyone a chance for employment. Not fair there could be gems hiding in dirt out there need to give them​ a chance. Be fair to all.

  • Continued education and upgrading opportunities

  • Not horrible benefits...which you will need to cover the costs of therapy and medications.

  • Working with great people , the fast paced environment and the feeling of having made a difference, no matter how small

  • Great pay and strong union.
    diverse areas for treatment and education

    positions available in smaller rural areas have consistent protocols

    retirement benefits

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