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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Alberta Health Services?

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  • Be supportive for all employees.

  • Nepotism is quite apparent. Bullying by in scope supervisors. No support. Closed door. You are not rewarded for a good job. Supervisor friends get preferance.

  • Treat your staff the same - no favourites, for whom you change the rules for. Oh, and stop bullying and

  • This LPN sounds just it was me. Management are definitely bullies. I know one personally.

  • Hiring friends not those best qualified. Bully management . Your a number not a person . Always looking for donations
    Too many managers

  • Nepotism exists in small rural worksites. It not what you know but rather WHO you know or are related to.
    Way too much favouritism exists. Some get everything they want in terms of opportunities, some are discriminated against. Makes it difficult to feel part of the team.

  • Minimize stress from management.

  • Actually invest into the staff. Look at the staff member as a human and see what is happening in the person life and try to support them.

  • Get rid of the management staff who are bullying your employees

  • If you are having a big turnover problem with your Staff, look hard at Management.
    Issues never rolls uphill, always downhill.

    Management to the best of my knowledge from years of experience is where these issues begin.

    Have any other Nurses wondered WHY the (attempting to find a nice way to say this), the one Nurse you'd never think could possibly become the Head Nurse, gets the Job!

    I'm a LPN since Graduation from Vancouver City College in 1974, and have witnessed this mistake over and over again.

    I certainly don't understand why this happens, but maybe another Nurse might have an answer for me or perhaps possibly someone in Management may have a better understanding of this particular practice and could explain it to the Professionals who feel the same way I do.

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