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Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez Alberta Health Services?

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  • If I were in charge, I will simply do my best in everything I do (being punctual, professional, love/passion for my work and co-workers and etc.) in that way, I'll be a good role model to my colleagues.

  • First identify the missing health delivery services and then discuss wd seniors to find affordable solution

  • If I happen to be the charge nurse, I would allow nurses to work flexible shifts, hold regular meeting with them and listen to their concerns and take action where possible and explain to them why some of their concerns may need more time to act on. This will make them happy and their out put will increase as well as the quality of work. This in turn will make the patients happy and thus improve or reduce the average number of days for hospital stay for the patients.

  • I will do my duties and reaponsibilities with pride and honor, which means doing my duties to the best of my abilities,

  • Ensuring all work procedures are being followed, and that all patients are being taken care of properly.

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  • More dedicated staff in Long Term Care .

  • If I were in a Charge Position, I would listen to what your Staff said about working conditions, and if I were hearing the same concerns repeatedly from different staff members, I would look into these concerns and try finding a solution. One way might be to hold a Meeting or Inservice with all Staff Members, and ask for help in finding a workable solution for the issues that were brought to your attention. I might have to have 2 or 3 of these Meetings to ensure that all my Stuff are included in this matter, because of course in Health Care people work different shifts.
    I would also have an open door policy that would allow my staff to know and understand that I am approachable to them.

    If my Staff are happy and moral is good, I do believe that I would have less problems and the care of patients/clients would be very good.

    Having the Open Door Policy ensures my Staff knows that their Manager has their backs.

    This is definitely a way to make my job easier and my Staff are happy as well.

    Happy Nurses automatically ensure that the patient is given the best treatment/care possible.

    Communicate with Staff, be firm but fair and be approachable.

    Worked on the floor for years, and worked Dialysis and became an Operating Room Nurse working at the U of A, Sturgeon Hospital and the Royal Alex Hospital in the Operating Rooms. I am a LPN, Dialysis Nurse and an Operating Room Nurse

    I graduated from the Vancouver City College in 1974.

  • If I were in charge, I would make ensure plenty of people had the opportunity to get interviews and meet with unit managers during their peak season hirings to find the best candidates unit specific to apply the BEST PATIENT CARE possible to our clients that deserve that! I would ensure that all employees concerns were addressed and plans implemented to ensure a healthy bully free working environemnt

  • Transfer opportunities when being moved with spouse

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  1. Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez Alberta Health Services?