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Analyst (Calgary)
le 23 juin 2021
No pay increases if out of scope
No step or pay increases since 2014. That’s seven years, unless you are in a unionized position. You will be working ‘for the greater good’. Good environment.
Connect Care Training Lead (Canada, Alberta)
le 25 juillet 2021
Good place and anice peoplento work with
I enjoyed every but of the moment I spent with Alberta health Services. It is a place to work and will always to want to work with Alberta team. Nice people.
Psychologist (Calgary, AB)
le 23 juillet 2021
Variable but much more good than bad
This is a large employer so there are bound to be some poor experiences, but there is a reason it is so hard to get in! There are tons of chances to diversify and try new roles. People are hired for their profession and people do the job they are hired to do. The pay is good. For the most part, everyone wants to work and wants to see patients get quality care. Benefits vary by union so that can be a sore spot. There is only one bad thing about AHS. There are too many opportunities for RNs to work in leadership that isn’t related to nursing, that could be better filled by other professions. But they respect different professions and want to be efficient and effective in providing patients treatment.
Administrative Assistant - Moved to Newfoundland (Calgary, AB)
le 15 juillet 2021
I am retired now but loved my years at AHS. I had routines. Management great. Culture awesome. Friendly and supportive. Polite. Training flexible. Encouraging
Peace Officer (Edmonton, AB)
le 9 juillet 2021
Probably good, just not for Protective Services
Seems like a great employer, if you wear the right uniform. If you go in as a nurse or physician, you're golden. If you go in as a peace officer or security guard, it's a different story. If you go into this with the intent of being part of Protective Services, be sure you know what you're getting into. The rates of violence and injuries are very closely guarded and they wont publish what the stats are. The issued equipment, is in this weird balance of being aesthetically pleasing the senior leadership and meeting the barest standards functionality for the people using it for 12 hours a day. There's also no way for you to give feedback on your equipment, nor will you be allowed to buy your own out of pocket. You'll get 3 weeks of training as a peace officer. This is supposed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to enforce mental health, public health as well as liquor and cannabis legislation; among many other enforcement situations you will find yourself in. As a guard, you'll get 40 hours. 3 weeks and you're able to suspend the rights of another person... Unlike nurses, paramedics or even maintenance personal, peace officers and guards do not get specialized training based on their location of work. Training and candidates are a one size fits all sort of thing. AHS peace officers are also some of the lowest paid in the province.

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Tell me about your self

Publié le 9 juin 2019

How long of employement im looking for. How to handle stressful situations/clients. Am I computer literate.

Publié le 20 mars 2018

What does AHC look for in a cover letter and resume? Do they want bright and flashy or simple and to the point?

Publié le 13 mars 2018
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