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Excellent growth opportunities

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Worked at few bokerages before joining Akal mortgages. They have excellent start-up program (mortgage boot camp) for new to industry mortgage brokers and ongoing regular product and personal growth trainings. Their support system is excellent.

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Excellent training, support and growth opportunities
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Great training

Great place to start your carrier right. They provide wonderful training for new agents, especially the 3 days boot camp. The knowledge in the boot camp builds your confidence and helps you to be successful.
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Great Place to work

Great place to start/grow your mortgage career. Their training bootcamp is worth it and the information learned is priceless. Great support system in terms of leadership and organizational structure. They will equip you with all the necessary tools to achieve success.
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Three day Boot Camp

I attended the three day boot camp on zoom organised by Akal Mortgages Inc.It was an enriching experience.Their training for new mortgage agents is very detailed .It provides you with all the knowledge and necessary tools to become a successful and one of the top producers in the mortgage industry.Day one was focused on Marketing and advertising,goal setting and time management.Day two was focused on the technical part of the business.It was all about product knowledge.It was about the pool of lenders and how to find the right lender for your clients.Day three was focused on how to interview your clients. Once you are empowered with the training for marketing and the knowledge of all the products, it increases your confidence and it becomes very smooth to interview your clients.In nutshell it was an empowering and an enriching experience. I was amazed at the knowledge and experience of the trainers. I would recommend everyone to join this bootcamp if they want to excel in the mortgage industry. This boot camp is the foundation stone for mortgage agents.
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Amazing place to work

I consider myself very fortunate that I decided to join AKAL Mortgages. As a newbie I have all the tools and resources available to make my job easier. The kind of support I receive from the brokerage is incredible. Weekly trainings, Facebook group and one on one guidance at any time of the day makes me feel valuable. The professionalism that the leaders show in webinars arranged my MPC and other boards sets them apart from everyone else. Wishing everyone in the team all the success in the world.
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Best services

Akal Mortgages is the best in the market to get mortgage and provides the best and professional services. Akal has the best mortgage agents working together as a team.Highly Recommended.
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Excellent work environment

AKAL Mortgages is not a company, it's a home and the culture is also very friendly. The seniors in the company guide the juniors like elders in family and don't let you slip ways from your path.I love my AKAL.
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Amazing place to work ethically

I am a new agent with Akal. It is amazing place with lot of training and support from Principal brokers . They went out of the way to close my first deal with big bank with an approval at lightening speed.Way to go and wish best of luck to brokerage and other agents.
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Amazing place to work

Akal mortgages is a great place to work. The training was excellent, the staff is the best I’ve ever seen and the brokers are the most knowledgeable. The pay structure is fair and there is a lot of help for new mortgage agents. If you are looking for a place to start, Akal Mortgages is the way to go.
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Great company

Being newer to the industry, my main goal was to find a place that could provide the right mentorship. I had a few interviews with other brokerages before joining AKAL Mortgages Inc., but I always left those interviews not feeling motivated enough to join their team. It became immediately clear to me that many brokerages did not provide the right platform or building blocks for newer agents. During the interview process with AKAL Mortgages Inc., it became clear that the tools would be provided for me; all I had to do was use them to grow my business. Support is usually available, and the weekly training sessions are extremely informative and motivating. To be completely honest, I was a bit hesitant to join at the beginning because of the contract. As a brokerage they need to protect their assets so I can understand why it's so extensive, but as a new agent, I felt intimidated and I felt like I was locking myself into it with no escape. After a few days of dilerbation, I came to the conclusion that if AKAL Mortgages Inc. is willing to put the time and effort into my growth, the least I could do is show my loyalty and commitment to growing with them. My mindset is why jump around from brokerage to brokerage when with AKAL Mortgages Inc., you're able to plant a seed in one place and grow with the company. I'm a few months into my journey, and looking back right now, I have no doubt in my mind that I've made the best decision possible.
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Amazing team and work place

Akal mortgages is the best place to work and boost your career. This is the best team and mentors that I have ever worked with, very supportive , professional and inspiring. I have worked with different mortgages but the training and support in Akal mortgages is unbeatable. This is the best choice I have ever made in my career and I highly recommend not only to join but also to people who are looking for mortgages that this is the right place to make your dreams come true.
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I chose Akal Mortgages because of their honesty and integrity, their top-notch training, and their round-the-clock support.

In my search for a mortgage brokerage, I encountered many other places who claimed that no matter the application, they would get the job done. They told me not to worry about the bad ones, that I should bring every application forward because they had ways to approve them. To me, that didn’t sit right. I didn’t want to begin my career as a mortgage agent at a brokerage that was so openly unethical because that sort of thing falls back on their brokers and agents, and I didn’t want a bad reputation. Many brokerages I visited only offered hours and hours of webinars instead of in-office training. They didn’t have a support team, and once you became a part of the brokerage, you were left to navigate the industry alone. ---When I finally interviewed at Akal Mortgages, I was pleased to hear that they had a zero-tolerance policy for unethical behaviour and they did not “just approve” bad deals, they would rather turn them away than have their own reputations tarnished. They offered 3 days of in-office training covering every aspect of the deal from start to finish, including lead generation and even taught me how to create a business plan. They gave out emails and phone numbers of their support team to all of us in case we needed help, and even gave their personal contact information if we wanted to speak with them directly! They never made me feel like they were too busy to talk to me, and I felt from the beginning like they were genuinely interested in helping each individual agent succeed not only within their brokerage and the industry, but in life. I recommend - 
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Productive Workplace

Mortgage Industry is a competitive market , to be successful you Need Training-Support and Mentorship and it is what AKAL Mortgages is offering it's Agents. You need to be passionate and Focus, the rest they will tell you what to do and how climb success Mountain. I can say that joining them is one of my best decisions
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Best choice to join Akal Mortgages

Akak Mortgage is an awesome brokerage to work with. Provides immense amount of training even before you start. Guidance and support is provided at this place when it comes to finding success. I am glad to be part of this firm.
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