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Equilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
Salaire / avantages sociaux
Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
Culture d'entreprise
better off with a normal job
Housekeeper (Ancien employé) –  GTA, ON1 février 2019
advertised as one thing but is actually another,

claims made by airsorted management;
- flexible schedule
- accommodating management

- if you cancel your shifts or ask for a time change they claim you're unreliable
- not really accommodating if you're not neurotypical

a typical day working here involves having to get to your location, search for a lockbox (this part you aren't paid for btw even though you're technically working) and then sent into unpredictable conditions and expected to finish up in 1-3 hours depending on the property with limited AND SOMETIMES NO SUPPLIES that you will have to go out and buy yourself which they reimburse you for A WEEK later, not really ideal or "flexible" if this is a side job because you obviously need the money, and then there are the linens, each property is supposed to have spare linens but sometimes guests open them which means you won't be able to make the beds until the linens come also they allow 30 minutes for each room in the property but don't take into the account how many beds are in each room, I once encountered a property that not only had the wrong number of bathrooms listed on the work request TWICE but also had three beds in one room, one of which being a bunk bed which takes much longer.

once I was assigned a bunch of random tasks outside of the job description and the host told me it was bc they refused to let her cancel the shift, a shift I was begged to work, a shift neither the host nor I wanted smhh

the pay starts at 18/hr and there are various bonuses, however, if you don't live downtown/own
  plus... a car you will probably end up traveling 45 min to 1hr to a location. when you do the math, an average shift is 2 hours, if you're a student or someone doing this as a "side" job you'll spend a total of 4 hours, make 72 dollars and that does not include the taxes you'll have to pay (assuming it's 15%) you end up with about 61 dollars and then you have to take into account the money you spent getting there and going home (3x2 = 6) comes to 55

I mean I personally don't think it is worth it but that's up to you to decide

the only enjoyable part is that I didn't have to deal with the suppperrr fake girl in management face to face, they're always sending messages inPM when a problem arises and treat you like you're stupid because they don't want to deal with an issue.

Anyways TL;DR

if you have any choice, do not work here. it is practically general labor and you're better off working for an actual/recognized cleaning company that won't write you off as a contract employee to avoid responsibility; look online for reviews from customers who have just as hard of a time as I did
Points positifs
kind of high pay
Points négatifs
unpredictable work conditions, frozen lockboxes in the winter, pay your own taxes in april, not a lot of hours
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