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I was dismissed without just cause for a family medical emergency. Even though I followed the rules and was told repeatedly I qualified for time off. Customer Relations is a very toxic group. Management shows blatant favouritism, as do team leads and supervisors. You are following a moving target, jumping thru hoops that keep moving. Mgmt likes to keep employees in the dark, and are very tight with information. Constantly threatening you with dismissal from the moment you walk in the door. Attendance line is verbally abusive when u call in sick. Pay is pathetic and union takes dues but does nothing to protect you. Eat or be eaten environment

Réponse du 24 décembre 2019

Hello All, thank you to all those who took the time to answer this question :) To be eligible to work at Air Canada, you must be eligible to work in Canada. Not all positions require a Canadian passport. Should you have an open work permit for a min of 12 months from hiring date, it would also be valid. One of the few expectional roles that require a Canadian passport is the Flight Attendant role. Hope this helps!

Réponse de Air Canada7 novembre 2019

Thank you for all those who took the time to answer this question :) To help clarify, all roles have different working hours. If your position requires shift work, the hours can be varied with night shift, days shifts or evening shifts. There is alway a maximium of hours an employee can be scheduled per month to ensure our employees are not overworked. Some other management roles have more of a fixed schedule from Monday to Friday. In general, the working hours depend on the role. If you're interested in a position, we advise to review the job description to see the details related to scheduling.

Réponse de Air Canada7 novembre 2019

Quit leaving employees in the dark. Stop discriminatory behaviour and adding to the toxicity of the workplace. Treat employees like human beings, not replaceable bots. Mgmt should stand up for their employees and not be someone who uses fear to control employees. Take some people skill classes.

Réponse du 24 décembre 2019

Toxic. Systemic harassment and an environment of fear. Blatant favouritism by Mgmt and Union. Discriminate against the new employees. Information is heavily guarded. Mgmt resorts to dirty tricks to cover their tracks.

Réponse du 24 décembre 2019

I applied online, they called me for a phone interview 2 weeks later, then Called me again after another 2 weeks to come into the airport for a face to face at the airport. The interview was very nice and personal because it was just me and 3 current supervisors. They emailed me at the end of the week to start my
Hiring process.

Réponse du 27 octobre 2019

Respect them
In the past , we used To be respected ,that was before Colin and thé Ben Smith terror...

All olderwiyhn employées missed past.presidents..

Their goals was To keep AC as the Best one now with.our CEO , is not en issue...cutting in all job is..easy jyst look at customer s advises..

But they dont care since AC is paying To me named Best airline wich is a.lie

Just look at the new uniform, it vas To be redonned twice after.all those.persons working on it..they should have all been fired..

Ils vont the compagny more than twice the planned.expenses

But no one are talking about that

Seems now To be hired as a manager you need no common sensé no logick no expérience and no more than femelle less then 24;years old

Réponse du 8 décembre 2019

Never knowing the rules because they like to leave you in the dark. Always being threatened with dismissal if you call in sick. Asking questions gets you in trouble fast

Réponse du 24 décembre 2019

You have to have a Canadian passport as it's easier for the airline. They don't have to manage many different permissions for each country. If one country black list U.S. passports or changes the requirements but not canadian now they have to manage who can fly there or what documents they need to get for that person. It's not worth it for them.

Réponse du 8 janvier 2019
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