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3,0Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Productive and lots of training

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The hardest: Stacking liners in back of truck can be very physically and demanding especially if you have to do a transferring of liner into another truck.I learned that taking the extra 5 minutes can save the company time and money. Plus if you dont know how to do something ask a fellow coworker.

Points positifs

Good benefits, decent starting pay, lots of training opportunities

Points négatifs

Can be long hours during peak production shift can be 15 hours, work can be daunting if you havent worked a manual labor job before
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Good if you’re single or have an older family and can be gone for long periods of time

Worked for Insituform part of the aegion group, all the guys were nice and fairly easy to get along with, laid back work, more time spent sitting in the truck on your phone than anything else, way more out of town work than originally mentioned during interview worked there for 5 months spent 4 of the 5 months in hotels, can’t raise a young family working that way, lots of work but slow paced environment

Points positifs

Free lunch once a month, stay in some cool places, easy to get along with the guys, lots of hours

Points négatifs

Too much out of town work
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No work life balance

You will we sent out out of town & worker day or night.Work Life Balance does not exist .Hours are about 6-10 everyday (6-7 days a week)Favouritism is a big thing there for the Canada Side of Management end of December Corporate side goes on One month Vacation with Bonusfrom there (Aegion) Stock Market.Any other position that is not office one month no pay & no bonus Pay is Weekly no Room For Promotions as Positions are held tight by Favouritism.

Points positifs

Weekly Pay

Points négatifs

No Work Life Balance
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Edmonton wet out facility is not good

Management is lacking to say the least , you will feel very unwanted . It’s fast and physical , way more mental stress then is needed . Things get promised or said that aren’t fulfilled. Also a lot of talking behind backs .

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Points négatifs

Bad management, headaches not worth the wage
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not very good place to work.

do not work for this company in Winnipeg. they give you false promises and swear that they have lots of work and money to be made in Winnipeg but the truth is they make you work 21 days on 7 days off and they expect you to teach yourself everything. the crew that works in Winnipeg are all racist and unwilling to teach new people. there main office is located in Edmonton and they don't care about people who live in Winnipeg. they only want to use you to make a buck on their end.
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fast paced work environment

great place to work if you dont mind been on the road all the time .with not a lot of time for family or home time ..after said that its still a great work place everyone was great to work with and to get along with never had a problem with safety or equipment.
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great place to work

I drove tracker trailer truck and water truck. We installed sewer pipes that needed to be changed. The management was great . All of training was provided with this job.
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Insituform Cares

I received more tickets and safety training from this company then one can imagine. Pays great. Its not a job for everyone but if you are a hard worker and love money and can handle long hours with travel, than this is the place for you.
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worst tun out of people ive ever seen

they go trough people like you change your shorts. Was there 2 year and ive seen probably 20 guys . Work over legal hour of driving many time last week there 81 hour. When aproach the supervisor for issue nothing get solve. Dont expect to have a family life there cause u want i had to quit all sport and plan nothing cause u never know until the sunday where u work monday and what time u start. They will promise u at time of employement that u will be 6 month in hamilton but that a big BS

Points positifs

money good if ur ok to be 11 month out of town sleeping in hotel

Points négatifs

very long hour no time to eat advrage 12 to 14 and more
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Great atmosphere

I learned alot with Insituform. They invested a lot of training and resources to better their employees. Great company and great peopole
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Contract administrator

This is a worldwide company doing rehabilitation of sewers A lot of divertified task to do every day Had to to travel in Edmonton for crash course

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Rewarding work enviroment.

start work at 7 AM and start by walking around my truck to do my pre trip. Meet with the supper attendant and go over the work day ahead and end the meeting by doing the required stretching so I don't pull or hurt any muscles. After that we drive to the location where the work is to be done and set up the equipment. after a 10 to 12 hour day we take down the equipment and drive back to the job. I end my day by doing my post trip and filling in my log book. I have learned that safety is most important aspect of the job. Also learned the hazards and danger of the job and how to do the job the safe and right way. The management team does a great job in schooling us on any questions or concerns pertaining to the job or task on hand. everyone works in a team mind frame. The hardest part of the job is when your away from home for a long time. the most enjoyable part of the job is when we have completed a job for a client and the client is satisfied with the results.

Points positifs

lots of hours and good pay.

Points négatifs

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produtive fun place to work

my skills and knowledge through out my time there had grown immensely. I found the work place to safe and the crews were enjoyable to work with.
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away from home for weeks at a time, expect you to learn all aspects with no proper training or guidance. a lot of downtime and travel

Points positifs

good pay

Points négatifs

away from home too much
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Driver- labour

Preform pre-trip and log book after inspecting truck. Talk to manage to be inform of job location(s) for that day. Drive to location, help crew unload equipment to perform job. Help with installing new pipe for sewers in many cities and towns. When job is total complete to upmost satisfactory and video documented, we load up trucks. And off to new location or yard. Great working with this crew, very educational and satisfying. The most enjoyable part of this job is travelling, and being able to go as far as Edmonton Alberta ,and also British Columbia for many weeks. Complete all paperwork daily.
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safe and experianced and fun co workers

I operated the company vac truck or the flusher truck when i got to site i set up the truck to clear the sewer line we put a new liner in after the liner is in i then put my safety gear on and cut the excess liner out for useage
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Big corp. Not an easy company to work for but neither the hardest. Their product has a terrible smell to it. It can make you want to vomit. Lots to learn in a big company like this.

Points positifs

Half Union

Points négatifs

& Non-Union
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Not enjoyable

Management figures are either clueless or a complete psycho work drivers. No balance between life and work. Prepare for your life to be sucked away by this company. They own you completely.

Points positifs

Salary is ok. Lots to learn. Busy

Points négatifs

Long hours with no overtime, bad management, little career direction, little explanation of work
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