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Use them or you loose them by end of December, even if it's a doctors appt, to your benefit take part or a full day as a sick day.

Réponse du 5 février 2020

I need to start and finish my day in my home city if I want to get paid reasonably for my mileage. If I don’t I lose out on $20 day! You don’t get paid for the drive to your first call or the drive home from you last. I cover 3 cities.

Réponse du 29 décembre 2018

Dress pants and a nice top. You don't need to wear a suit.

Réponse du 15 octobre 2018

It varies region to region / client to client. Generally if you work in the field, there's high accountability tracking via the technology they have you using. Though your schedule is planned out in advance, it can/will change either daily or weekly due to management, client, and customer demands. Having a thick skin helps, since you're dealing with all levels of retail personnel/characters.

Réponse du 5 février 2020

Let employees rotate between stores if something isn't going well. Also consider making employees full time if possible. The pay of $18.50 was good but it was worth it in terms of toner or ecotank cartridges that a person would pay over their lifetime.

Réponse du 25 septembre 2019

They have a well documented sick leave policy. It is through the ASM connects portal. I never took a sick day so I didn't pay attention.

Réponse du 25 septembre 2019
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