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Is this hourly pay for remote interviewers or is it 100% commision.i.e. just paid for completed surveys.

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You are paid by the hour at the minimum wage rate for your province. You have to put yourself on breakif you need to step away from the phone even for a minute. After 10 minutes on a four hour shift, 15 minutes on a five, and a half hour on six or more, any time on break is not paid. It is impossible to not code yourself as being on break as everything is auto- dialled. If you step away and do not code off, you will appear to be outside of expected performance times and will be given a warning and or advised that your time will be adjusted to allow for the time away from the phone. This having been said, it is often impossible not to use more than 10 minutes in a four hour period which can cost you not only the extra break time but the paid break as well as now you may not qualify for the full four hours. In a normal office setting, this does not happen. This makes for a very intense, performance driven atmosphere in which you are tied to your phone. There is no natural pausing, it is very performance driven, but if you don't mind putting in six hours to be paid for five, its great, no prep or drive time which kind of makes up for it. Also, you can use your rent as a tax right off (home office). This is worth a few dollars in itself.

Hourly pay

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