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Agente de centre d'alarme (Montréal, QC)
le 3 août 2021
Well meaning but ultimatly frustrating and irresponsible
Nice people and at first, a really nice place to work but very quickly the problems become apparent. The training is incomplete at best, leaving you feeling like you were setup to fail. The databases are non-existent. Meaning you can't ever easily double check a procedure to ensure no mistake (you still get a coaching of you fail though). The tools are filled with little frustrating time wasters that leave you feeling like someone is tapping your shoulder the whole time.Terrible experience. Will be quiting soon.
Retention (Calgary, AB)
le 23 novembre 2021
Don't waste your time
It is just a call center that asks so much from you and gives little back. All day you will handle calls from clients complaining about their service, billing, no show techs and installers, mistakes on orders, and various other ways the company has made issues in their customer lives.
Technical Support/ customer service level 2 (Montréal, QC)
le 16 avril 2021
no support at all, irate client,often offer training to the wrong people.
Client wait 50 min so extremely irate, getting to level 1 tech, told sorry I'll transfer you to a level 2 and wait again 20 minutes. now if 2 or 3 camera taking 20 minutes average each to reset of telling client the cost (over 100$) of a tech that is not covered by ADT. supervisor offer no support, often training non tech for tech job, and bilingual aren't really bilingual. telus bought ADT now creating a great amount of confusion and power vacuum, sadly making the place very stressful.
Customer Service Representative (Calgary, AB)
le 20 janvier 2021
Excellent employer
They recognize your work and help you to improve each day! You receive the necessary training to succeed the company goals and objectives. They have opportunities of growing inside the company
Retention Specialist (Work from Home)
le 7 janvier 2021
very poor management but good pay
If you’re looking for job security, ADT is definitely not for you. They claim to be understanding but the moment you make a mistake or should I say make the management ‘unhappy’ you can expect to get dismissed without cause

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