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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Environnement de travail agréable. Salaire de base un peu en dessous du marché.
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You get hired fast and they don't need any experience no interview is needed . But the payrate is low and they send you home early almost everyday . Only Work here if no one else is hiring

Points positifs

Hire fast and don’t need any experience

Points négatifs

Low payrate, leave early everyday and bad management
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Excellent agency to work. Provide gud salary. Excellent staffing in Brampton. I will recommend everyone to work with Adecco. I got my first job through this agency.

Points positifs

Good atmosphere

Points négatifs

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Decent place to work

Pretty okay place to work for. Learned lots about working in a warehouse. Fast-paced but they are good co-workers to help out new employees. Supervisors are nice people.
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Great Place To Work

Adecco was such a helpful place to get me such a great job in Toronto. I applied for a really cool job and got in with such a smooth interview process. Would definitely recommend.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Minimum wage
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good pay

overall good working experiencea typical day at work was same thing most of the time, but overall less job security and no fixed shifts as it is a casual job.
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No permanent job no healthcare low wages

Was moved from job to job with no permanent job. Pay was low no healthcare coverage all while addeco takes profits out of your paycheck jobs were dangerous window washer and required climbing up to high places
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friendly and available company

good staff who let you know when news opportunities are available. Good wages but it depends of positions. flexible shifts. Training paid. Lot of opportunities for students all over the year. Opportunities for levels and backgrounds

Points positifs

flexibles shifts

Points négatifs

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Decent experience

Very physically demanding - heavy lifting, fast paced, heavy work loads, long shifts, overtime. Work independently, requires self accountability. Great employee culture and extensive safety procedures.Overall, a great place to work if you’re a hard worker with a positive mindset.
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A structured workplace

Adecco has a variety of job opportunities that can appeal to a person new to working or a professional looking for a new line of work to change their surroundings.
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Terrible company to work for

Adecco does not care about their workers, especially if you work at HEXO through them. Bring concerns to management and they do absolutely nothing about it.
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Unstable employment

From June 16, 2020, to December 9, 2021, worked as a Temperature Screener. Was laid off 3 times during this employment contract. The hours changed monthly from 9 hours a day to 7 to finally 5 hours a day. Never heard from an employer after they gave your assignment to a client.
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No increase

Been working for 5 mos on different deptartment Still no increase. Work is overload as an illustrator and product coordinator. Salary is only $15. No benefits
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good place to wolr

a typical day at work busywhat you learned, a lot thingsmanagement is okworkplace culture could be betterthe hardest part of the job. allI enjoy the job

Points positifs

the staff

Points négatifs

long hours
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I hate it here.

Management doesn’t really try to work with you, even though they’ll tell you they will. Pay is horrible. I can’t afford to eat half the time after paying rent. One of the supervisors treats everyone like they’re worthless and inferior to him. Very few things are enjoyable about working here. Everyone’s slowly leaving because it’s so bad.

Points négatifs

Horrible pay, overworking the employees, rude staff and management
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Employée comme intérimaire par Adecco j ai évolué en CDI alors que j’avais déjà 56 ans . Merci Adecco et GTA

Points positifs

Heures supplémentaires

Points négatifs

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Very casual. I just get a call if there is an available schedule as a consierege front desk at Cadillac Fairview. If my a availability permits I take the job. I would like to get a more stable permanent schedule.

Points positifs

Payment schedule is on time

Points négatifs

Its not a stable job
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Fun but stressful at times

Worked here for 3 weeks. I was enjoying my time when suddenly I got an email saying my assignment had ended at the workplace. Extremely disappointed as I met a lot of friendly people and could not keep in touch with them anymore.

Points positifs

friendly people

Points négatifs

Long hours, Inconsistent, Low pay
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Team oriented

Very collaborative and people are friendly! It requires you to go out of your way to learn some things on your own. It is also a perfect place to learn for new HR graduates.
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Good place to gain temp employment and experience.

I've had been with Adecco for a number of years and during my time, I've been placed at various locations in different types of industries from warehouse work to administrative tasks. I've gained valuable knowledge, experience, and an expanded network of people. If I ever had any issues or concerns with a location I was assigned to, I was able to call the office and depending on the situation, would it be addressed shortly.

Points positifs

Flexible schedule, training, reliable staff

Points négatifs

Some term positions end earlier than stated
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Not worth the hard work

If you were lucky enough youd be working for a bice line leader that’s got your back. Majority times you’re going to be moved around, no set station nor quota.The warehouse Adecco sent us to was hot and sweaty. Bodies are all in arms length smudging past you. You hustle like sweatshop workers, there’s even times the leaders complain about its break time already

Points positifs

You’re not stuck working the same annoying tasks

Points négatifs

Nothing is set in stone and you’re always on the move
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