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Salaires par heure pour le poste : Truck Driver chez Acden - Canada

Intitulé du poste
Salaire moyen
32,66 $ par heure
45 %
au-dessus de la moyenne nationale
Moyenne 32,66 $
Faible 29,76 $
Élevée 35,85 $

Le salaire estimé provient de 4 employés, utilisateurs et emplois actuels ou publiés sur Indeed depuis les 36 derniers mois.

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Avis pour le poste : Truck Driver chez Acden

Excellent company in some ways but…

Loved every minute at Acden. Good pay and equipment. People are friendly and helping. Used to be a high turn over rate but it got corrected with a pay increase. I find the managers don’t like to listen to some ideas that the workers in the field suggests. Sometimes they make us feel like children in a sand box. If only they would go on some ideas what operators suggest it would be great. They are the ones that know the work the most and what’s safe and what works. Last but most troubling, they have field supervisors that are literally supervising a transport company and they don’t even have a class 1 license or experience. How are you supposed to ask them for help when they don’t even know how or what we are talking about. They are literally only good for the office. There’s a lot of others who feel this way.

Points positifs

Friendly and good pay

Points négatifs

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Great people, great Equipment, lots of work

I really like working for Acden. The supervisors i deal with are easy to get along with and don't crucify ya if ya make a mistake. They don't just talk safety, its mandatory, a real change from my experience in the garbage industry. Equipment is well maintained and recycled after 5 years. I have improved my resume by getting trained on alot of other Equipment too. The only thing I don't like is the pay for Offsite...

Points positifs

Newer equipment, lots of work, good supervisor's

Points négatifs

Pay is a little lower then i would like
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Productive and easy going work place

Really enjoyed working with Acden, Staff was really easy going and fun to work with. Very safe work enviroment, Would recommend anyone to work with Acden.
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Combien gagne un(e) Truck Driver chez Acden - Canada?

Le salaire moyen par heure chez Acden pour le poste Truck Driver - Canada est d'environ 32,66 $, ce qui est 45 % au dessus de la moyenne nationale.

Les informations sur les salaires proviennent de 4 données partagées par des employés et des utilisateurs ou récupérées via des emplois actuels ou publiés sur Indeed depuis les 36 derniers mois.

Veuillez noter que tous les salaires présentés sont des approximations soumises à Indeed par de tierces personnes. Ces montants sont fournis aux utilisateurs d’Indeed à titre de comparaison générale uniquement. Le salaire minimum peut varier en fonction de la juridiction et nous vous invitons à contacter l’employeur directement pour obtenir les montants salariaux réels.

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