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Salaires par heure pour le poste : Machinist chez Acden - Canada

Intitulé du poste
Salaire moyen
51,00 $ par heure
101 %
au-dessus de la moyenne nationale
Moyenne 51,00 $
Faible 25,50 $
Élevée 76,50 $

Le salaire estimé provient de 11 employés, utilisateurs et emplois actuels ou publiés sur Indeed depuis les 36 derniers mois.

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Avis pour le poste : Machinist chez Acden

Mismanaged and reactive

Mismanaged and micromanaged, always struggling to get supplies, mid level management has their hands tied from above more often then not so have a tough time trying to do their job, and make yours a little better.

Points positifs

Pay was reasonable, not the best, not the worst. Good place to get your foot into Fort Mac, then move on once your either fed up with the company, or find something better.

Points négatifs

Mid level management was always scrambling to juggle people and priorities, Upper level management was a joke, we were always fighting to get the supplies we needed or machines repaired, if you were out in the field you often got bounced from truck to truck, and would end up without the stuff you would need. Yet it was your own fault, even after they would get mad if you try to check the truck over to see what it did or didn’t have.
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Acden Lemax

Worked as a machinist at Acden Lemax for several years and it's possibility one of the most poorly managed and dysfunctional companies I've ever worked for. For starters, it feels like it's independently managed separate from Acden, if you have any issues with management at Lemax, good luck getting any support from HR at Acden. Going to them just puts a target on you back. Management of Lemax is it's greatest weakness. The operations manager loves to manage with fear, and loves to threaten people with their jobs. In the shop, he watches everyone on security cameras and will write people up for everything. Also he engages in nepotism and favoritism by employing his wife and step son and also close friends. The work itself is varied with a mix of cnc, conventional and field machining. When it gets busy, good luck getting a day off because you could be busy for weeks and weeks non-stop. Lemax also doesn't operate shift work like almost every other outfit in the oil sands, it's Monday to Friday. If you work in the field, driving time is free and you're paid 11.5 hours for a 12 hour day at site (unpaid lunch). The pay is ok compared to companies outside of Fort McMurray but low compared to other companies in the region combined with there being no pension or bonuses. The guys on the floor were great and it used to be a good place to learn but many senior staff have exited due to management so there aren't any advantages to taking a job at Lemax.

Points positifs

Co workers, but many experienced guys have left

Points négatifs

Management, pay, no work life balance
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Combien gagne un(e) Machinist chez Acden - Canada?

Le salaire moyen par heure chez Acden pour le poste Machinist - Canada est d'environ 51,00 $, ce qui est 101 % au dessus de la moyenne nationale.

Les informations sur les salaires proviennent de 12 données partagées par des employés et des utilisateurs ou récupérées via des emplois actuels ou publiés sur Indeed depuis les 36 derniers mois.

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