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Do you drive personal vehicles to sites for work or company vehicles?

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You're given a company vehicle but all travel to site is no longer paid. Employees lose thousands each year with unpaid travel.

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Company trucks and not personal vehicle. I am sending my resume to apply for one of the two poistions, as stated in the ad, to qualifiy for a permanent full time position. This will be send shortly to ensure if there are any other questons you could return anything on my resume you are open to return an email to me and I will return email asap. Thank you for the opportunity.

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I would be using the flyin/flyout program so I would thus be sharing a company truck when necessary. I am apply for one of the two LEAD supervisors, one for each shift, and will be sending my resume on the easy-to-apply information for this position, I am also very competent in long term employment in this position and adding to my resume as new proficiencies that I may become eligible.

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