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2,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Not the place to be if your hard working

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I was hired as a junior/trainee welder.i was treated as if i had never welded in my life even with an extensive resume and 5 years of experience. i was belittled and not trusted by my superiors due to my age.All i did for the first 3 months of working was practice welding with no end goal in sight.managers were unhelpful when i said i wanted more responsibilities and more work i was told i would be moved to the burlington location after a month but 6 months in it never happened.overall there was lots of pointless drama and disorganization between the welders and managers.some of the people were good to work with but other than that i would not suggest being a welder here....unless your just looking for a paycheque and have no aspirations to grow within a company

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own uniform

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Good pay but management and coworkers sucks

Not a healthy place to work, lots of pressure from management and leads hand, average to high level of pay. Good overtime if you like it to make some money.

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Bad treatment
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No comments

Good place to work for. I rather no comment! They promised you work for a while, and when things slows down they only pick their favorite ones! I worked very hard at this company, but I don't think nobody care if you don't fit in their club or elite ones, you Are no part of their club. Very disappointed!!!

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Long hours
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Best be on your toes

My time at ABS was short, but gained in experience of what I want in future employment elsewhere. It is a fast paced environment, limited time to learn, you have to know what your doing. Team leaders are very helpful, but managers and supervisors are not ones to say “Hi or give you helpful hints, would rather see you burn your own bridge, and watch the flames do their own work. Always dirty when you go in for your shift, you MUST make sure you lock ANY tool or necessity you have, unless you like giving your stuff away.

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Good pay, overtime for those they like.

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Not for entry-level welders
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Competitive wages good workload

Busy and productive hours are good. Overtime available . Multiple projects good place to learn new skills. Employees are good to work with very professional

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Always busy good projects to work on diversity in skillset

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Managers are very poor at communication
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Worst company I have ever worked for.

Horrible supervisor miss management old welding equipment bounce you around from job to job sometimes 3 jobs in a shift .could never get anything done because of that then get in trouble for it.

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Lots of overtime
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Good pay, good benefits, good work.

worked here for a number of years, ive seen ups and downs in the company and seen people come and go. if you care about your work, and apply yourself then you would do well here. they pay well, offer a decent benefit package. they like to offer overtime and theres a good variety of work.

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wages, overtime, benefits
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This was a very fun working environment to work in everyday.

At ABS Machining, the people were nice, making me comfortable working there everyday. However, they lost their contacts which is why I unfortunately lost the job

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Annual barbecue

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Unfair bonuses
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Burlington plant, very stressful, management does not care, No job security

Typical day: Will you still be employed by the end of your shift. What you learn: Nothing, push push push. Management: Do not care, many meetings about no one being laid off only to see many people being laid off in the days that follow. Co-workers: My co-workers were great for the exception of one and he was a huge brown noser and we will always be there, Burlington Supervisors like that sort of thing. The Hardest Part of The Job: Watching people get laid off and knowing your day was coming. Most Enjoyable Part of The Job: When you were not there. This is a very stressful place to work, not because of the work, but because of the management and job security. In Burlington, good luck having your boss say hello or good to see you. Everyone will make a mistake, but there you are more likely to get called into the office and be reprimanded. Once your on the hit list your employment days are numbered. The shop is dirty, the air is polluted and hot for lack of venting, the whips are all damaged and there are no spares, ground cables are all damaged and welders will cannibalize other machines for whips. you will find yourself using your own tools or borrowing from others. The company will provide a grinder. If supervisor does not like you he will have you sweeping the shop for your shift. I would not recommend this employer if you are looking for long term employment. I have seen a lot of people come and go and today it was my turn. I was laid off with 7 other welders, fitters. I was employed for just over 12 months. Good luck to all who will one day - 

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no job security, even when they say there is a lot of work.
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A special place to work

A typical day, you will work with no much safety around, with out pressure but with out tools, except you use your own.Will work with faulty welding machines, no extension air hose when you need them or electrical cords, but no pressure.No organization,clean less,and polluted air at summer because the extraction fumes is disabled as well the air conditioned lunch room is not air conditioned to save money. Overpopulation in the lockers room, dirty restroom, and no available uniforms for months.20 to 28 dollars for welding, but never 32 as advertised, trade tools like pneumatic chipping hammers are not available for every one, so think about some headaches in that matter.They like Young people, Polish, and Italian persons.Your co-workers will by hard to deal, some times, and team work is not found very easily, you are in your own.To work there you will need lots of patience and train yourself to not react when you are disappointed.My feeling is that Polish people have a especial treatment and the access to all the tools they like to have.The most enjoyable part of the job are the holidays.

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company shares a bonus yearly

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yo will feel depresion some times due to the work enviroment
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