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3,3Salaire et avantages

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Do your work and punch in and punch out collect pay check...but most of the guys just shows up to work prentends they work and collect pay checks. Oh well

Points positifs

Tons of overtime because pay is not enough

Points négatifs

They dont pay enough
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Quality and production

Smart supervisors. Teamwork is great. All employees are trained with cranes and safety. The company provides all measuring tools and they all also have machine maintenance people. They have 5 cnc programmers and quality inspection. The benefits is 100% covered. It’s really a nice company to work at. Safety is also great. I enjoyed working in their. I quit because of my home distance to the company is 200kms in bother ways. Too much traffic all the time to the location.Hshshsh jdhsjjduuu djdjdjdjdjdn. Djdjdjdjdj

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Open overtime

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Worst experience

When their work getting slow down..... all the supervisor, manager and office staff will start behave rude with every employee because at that time they need to fire the employees without any reason. And they give such a stupid reason to fire that the employee using cell phone while working hahahahahah, before they never tell why u using cell phone while their work is fast or steady.
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Honest Review

ABS machining has a fast paced work environment with lots of exposure to new and unique custom workpieces providing exposure to new learning experiences. Competitive wages with overtime being encouraged and fantastic benefits package are hard to beat. I am a graduate of the ABS school of machining and have gained a vast knowledge of my trade working at ABS machining. Miscommunication between managment can prove irritable and stressful to begin which is sometimes overwhelming. Once you are familiar with their processes and attributes it is reasonable. I believe that alot of the previous negative opinions expressed seem very biased. The work environment is more than adequate and just requires competence, common sense and a good work ethic if you have those you will thrive. Alot of aspects have changed recently especially in regards to safety and unreasonable requests from surperiors.

Points positifs

Benefits package, pay, overtime, exposure to new experiences

Points négatifs

Some miscommunication between management, can be stressful at times.
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Not a great place to work

the pay is good and the hours are there as much as you want to work, however there is a major disconnect between the management and the floor employees. the opportunities are given to a selective group of people and good workers get ignored and judged only based on how good of a relationship they have with their direct supervisor. decisions change in a heartbeat constantly and communications are vague and confusing. will not recommend.
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