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2,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good place to learn but no Job security

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Nice place to work and learn. I worked in interior business unit. Friendly team and great environment.The only problem is job security. Top management layoff people without any proper reason and prior notice.
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Good place to work at

Good place Clean environment Safe workplaceCovid protocol in placeEngaged team Members Clear trafficThey offer pizza lunch somrtime during the year...they acknowledge the people effort.
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Points forts
  • Capacité à atteindre des objectifs personnels
  • Absence de stress
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  • Soutien du responsable
  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu

Has good management and freindly teamworks.

Pay salary ontime. Safe and freindly staff. Good supervisor. Young producer's team. Good location . Give time for learning and try to learn another positions . If you need you can take overtime job . Has very clean lunchroom and washrooms.
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Toxic Work Place & no work life balance

Bad environment at working in Tech centre, Toronto location. Not preferable company to learn new things and learn. zero work- life balance with Absolutely none job security
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Great Company

fantastic people, flexible schedules, easy to work with, great workplace culture.The hardest part of the job was being away from home, however, the job comes with its perks.
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Good place to start your career

ABC is a good place to start your career. Able to get your hands in all facets of the business.The drawback is pay is well below industry standard. As a result, it tend to be a revolving door.
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completely awesome completely goodgood pay good management but needs more improvement on the management side .but as compared to other palnts benefits
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Great workplace with friendly coworkers

Coworkers are friendly and the management team is encouraging. A lot of different opportunities in the company for different people to work at. Will definitely recommend people to work there. Very fun working environment.

Points positifs

Friendly coworker

Points négatifs

Long hours
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fine company

just fine company. no issues at all. was great to work. management was always great to get along with. had employee parties and get togethers. freindly staff
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it is a fun place to work at, i would highly recommend to everyone go work there, hight salary, benefits, happy employees and no stress. i like it there

Points positifs

free food

Points négatifs

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Very friendly people with a nice team spirit.

I enjoyed working with the company.The people are friendly and helpful.Management is very serious towards health and safety.Compensation is not the best and is not very attractive for the first line employees.Management is making a review on this.
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Toxic work environment

Stressful work, low pay, and work-life balance is terrible. No promotion and job advancement but it's an excellent place to grow and learn in the industry.
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productive work place

Good company. My individual experience was fine in big picture while employed there.Thank you for putting in the extra effort during this busy time at work. I understand that staying late isn't easy, but the team truly appreciates it. You are a valuable member of our team, and your positive attitude has helped us all continue to feel motivated.
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It was great awesome fine good. Good learning curve. Excellent manager and projects. Good team and social events. Cool projects. It was a great time..
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Productive and fun

it is really great I highly recommended to everyone. I learned a lot with experience. The hardest part of the job is hard worker and The most enjoyable thing is learning curve as it is really amazing.

Points positifs

Free lunches

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Lovely spot.

i was thinking at what point would they ask me to run the place? Well, immediately. I think i have done a lovely job, with lovely people, in a lovely, sunny, shade free work zone.
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Fast paced very busy all the time no time to stand idle can be very hectic most the time.Other than that everything is ok just make sure you what you are doing
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Experience is depending on Supervisor

The management in headquarter is okay. But my manager of subdivision is a terrible person. Overall, it's a secure place to work. The culture is a bit old school
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exhausting old culture workstyle

If you are really excited about engineering and wanted to achieve a lot of things don't go there. Management sucks. Nothing than micromanagement. People have been working for 20 or more years. They don't want change in their system, looks like management poured wax into their ears. Only they know is, to cut down people as they can so money can be saved. a lot of policies and backstabbing in the management. Management gives you a lot of pressure for cost-cutting.

Points positifs

you'll learn about how to choose the company before you get into.

Points négatifs

Horrrible management.
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Underpaid but learning environment

Supreme Tooling group is one of the plant of ABC technologies. Its a great place to learn if you are new graduate. The work is focused and organized as its a professional environment. You can learn pneumatics, electrical, PLC, Machining, Fabrication, Tool Setup, Designing but at some point it will feel stagnant as its the same work everyday and even when you chose to do multiple stuff you get paid almost the same.

Points positifs

Learning environment and OK benefits

Points négatifs

Underpaid and boring job
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Hardest part of the job

ABC good for Girls For the boys they give very hard task and they don’t provide good tools as per their requirements and quality of parts we can’t maintained

Points positifs

Unpaid breaks

Points négatifs

Old mentality no advancement most of work manually
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