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ok job

it was sometimes slow, sometimes extremely busy. as a front counter staff, i had to take orders, record uber eats and doordash orders, pack orders, and give out orders. At my location, i was the only front counter person, and handling all of that by myself during a rush was extremely stressful.
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Loved coworkers hated customers

Was really hard to deal with the rudeness and aggression of customers. Loved my coworkers they made it a little bit more bearable but having to let customers treat employees in such a horrible manner was more than I could take.
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Fast paced and customer service.

Its a good to have as a student or part time basis. Not a full time job for me. I did this for part time and was good. although not very flexible schedule at my location.
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good place

It is a good place to work at. Nice people. It can be stressful when customers complain, they want to put the blame on someone and you cant argue back.
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Great job for high school student

Liked working here during high school, easy enough, pay was good and hours were very flexible. Management was great, very kind. Great place for your first job
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Employee discount

Was fun at first but the pay is terrible and working full-time is barely liveable.The only upside is free food sometimes and employee discount. The management decided we can't take the extra food at the end of the night and would rather throw it away. Eating so much fast food not great for the health, had to getaway from it before I ended up on my 600 pound life.
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Stressful dead-end job

Workplace was typically understaffed with the majority of employees not caring about their job duties. Management heavily caters towards the customers every whim (even when very unreasonable) whilst undercutting employees. Typical work environment is fast-paced and stressful. Prepare to deal with rude customers and constantly being covered in grease.
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Nice place to work at; fast paced

Management is nice. Manager is understanding and nice to her employees; however, it is a tiring job as you stand for a long time every day. I do recommend the job.
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Hard to maintain work life balance

I was working at a&w to get my permanent residence papers. It was hard to maintain work life balance. I worked there as an assistant maanger for almost 2 years. I used to work almost 12 hours a day on fixed salary almost 6 days a week.
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It’s a decent place to work

It’s really not a hard place to work. Sometimes it’s stressful, during rushes. Over time, though, it gets easier. Like any job, it takes time to get used to.

Points positifs

Good people.

Points négatifs

Bad people, no free meals unless you’re on graveyard shift, weird hours
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To many don't treat you good

Last place I worked in Bracebridge for 3 years didn't even give me my last pay of over 200 and they had all uniform back they left buns out all day to lazy to pull in so sea gulls would peck at bags I did 4 to close mostly always left for me

Points positifs

Never got free meal

Points négatifs

Wrong people as team leaders
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Better than your usual fast food job

Job itself is fairly easy. Once you pick up the menu and the system you’re good. Had good management at my location so that really helped. If you have a good crew you get along with, shifts can be almost fun. Worst parts being when buses come and you’re slammed for 20 minutes. Most of the regulars are sweet older folks, and some even tip! Good for if you’re in school. However you will probably smell like burgers for a while…
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Terrible management but i can not speak for all a&w

I do not recommend. The management were very unprofessional. The environment was toxic and overall the experience was definitely not worth it.
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Red flags

Worked at the A&W in Morinville for seven months, the first couple of months was fine a couple of hiccups here and there but whatever. And then the management issues started, schedule gaps where people weren't working for up to an hour, never knew when I worked because there was two different schedules or because it wasn't published until the day before, I had to practically beg for time off, no one liked working there.The building itself is falling apart and during the heatwave in 2021 there was no air con. My coworkers were amazing people but honestly, you'd be better off working at Sobeys or Dollar Tree
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As a first job, I would recommend it.But the job is actually boring, and pay is really bad. After getting the experience that you need, get another job
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Great starter job

Worked here as my first job. Great starter job. Only left because of accommodation issues. I have feet problems can't be on my feet for too long. Did not have issues while working.
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Good place but working is stressful and even pay is minimum.

Its a good place but working so hard and being paid just minimum with no stat pay on holidays is heart breaking, only some people are good. Rest just take advantage of you. Take care.
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Easy place to work

Very good job while in school, very flexible schedule and fun coworkers. You can usually work whatever shifts you would like. Shifts tend to go by fast due to busy atmosphere.
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Good for quick money if you can deal with the stress

Didn't get vacation pay and god screwed over many times plus I was drugged by a customer and wasn't sent home. So it's a pretty shabby company or at least the person running the establishment

Points positifs

40 percent off food

Points négatifs

Customer attitude and fast paced and no support for staff
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A moderately okay stepping stone job

This was a wonderful place to work when I first started but with five manger swaps in one year as well as covid breathing down our neck it just wasn’t worth it for 14.25 Many many checklist to get through per shift though breakfast will always have a shorter task list to get done and many times in the evening shift were left to make up for morning shifts incomplete task sheet (folding/rolling cutlery, washing dishes, cleaning grills and kitchen countertops, checking/changing soda syrups) co workers made it okay but when they left I had to go too worked there for almost three years and the new management never knew what was going on who was coming or going

Points positifs

%50 discount on food, Flexible schedules

Points négatifs

Long hours, No backing from management on policy issues, (most times with customers who the policies are for), Extra work completing overdue task lists
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