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Why did you leave your job at A&W Restaurants?

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  • I left because no one was respecting me, I've been shouted at for so many times for not being fast enough. There's a woman who shouldn't work there, she's evil. I told the manager about her behavior and that she was going to have a talk but seems she didn't. Now the manager is in her holiday break so there's no one who was there to help.

    The work environment is terrible, the sink has been broken for almost two weeks, I was been blamed after I stayed half an hour to make burgers, because I haven't washed the lettuces when the entire morning I worked my butt off with rush after rush and I didn't even know we ran out of it, I was told it was my responsibility when in fact that woman who screamed at me should have looked in the fridge herself or even ask a question if it was done or something.

    When I was hired I have been told that in this company everyone respect each other and there's a zero tolerance for intimidation but this isn't what I am seeing here and I was lied to.

  • Gain knowledge

  • Because I was supposed to only be working part time and they had me working full time and overtime while I was I school. I had no time for anything.

  • Unsafe. Going a distance to put product into trays. Behind people etc. Horribly disgned grills horribly disigned kitchen. Like wow.

  • Rude management, massive language barriers between employees, not being treated fairly.

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  • Crazy shifts, poor management, rude and lazy shift managers, doing 10 things in one time.

  • Franchisee treated me quite poorly, not giving me vacation hours or any good benefits. I knew I could get a lot more out of a better job

  • Biased management , management also show interest in spreading rumours , uncomfortable stressful environment

  • To grow to the failed that i have now

  • Never got raise doesn't better how long and how hard working person you are .

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