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What about shifts? do they allow you to reschedule shifts if something comes up? Are they lenient to students? Do they give extremely long hours to students who need time for school too?

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They are not very respectful. Often will give people the complete opposite hours they want. Only one week vacation in summer. Long hours as a student and long time to process schedule requests

I found that the management team was really good about helping students achieve success in education. For myself , most of the time it was no problem getting unscheduled time away

My shifts were set and never changed, i worked morning shift from 7am to 2 pm. there are lots of students that work at A&W. the company will work with you and your school schedule.

They gave me extremely early and long hours for being a 16 year old, they didn't listen to my availability because I participated in sports and extra curricular in school. Leading me to have to switch a lot of my shifts.

Horrible if you plan on moving up the restaurants hierarchy while in school.

Very lenient. More lenient if your lenient.

Yes they would let you come in another day if something happend

Shifts are allowed to be rescheduled if something occurred.

Students that need time for school just have to let management know and they will make sure to give less hours.

Weekly scheduled was posted by the onwer. i always did short shifts back in the kitchen.

Most of the people working part time rarely get shifts. I get about pone shift a week, but some people don't work at all some weeks.

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