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Quelles sont les questions posées lors d’un entretien chez A&W Restaurants?

12 réponses

  • Hired on the spot

  • Tell me about yourself.
    What are your expectations for the job?

    What do you know about A&W?

  • Where did you last work?
    Tell me about yourself?

    What would your availability look like in the next 3 months?

    What do you know about A&W?

    Have you ever eaten at A&W?

  • "What are you looking for?"
    "Full Time or Part Time?"

  • Can you get here on time how many hours you work

  • What is customer service?
    What would you do if you and a co-worker were not getting along?

    Tell me about yourself.

    Why do you want the job?

  • What my main strengths are. What my weaknesses are. What makes a good employee and boss. What are the reason I felt working there would have. What strengths I have to offer as a team player.

  • Like they ask about work experience Nd English ability.

  • They ask some customer servise questions and what kinda hours you want they talk about uniforms and things like that you know the basic stuff

  • How you would handle customer complaints, working with others and how you manage doing tasks while being busy.

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