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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez A&W Restaurants?

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  • Really nice and simple. If the interviewer is nice, the interview feels more like a nice conversation

  • Super easy questions. Barely any and they don’t even really care what you say. Management isn’t that educated so they don’t ask the best questions

  • It was good, the manager at the time was very nice

  • Very quick and simple

  • That was fast and easy. Not a lot of question and you just need to smile because they barely listen to you.

  • You sit down with the manager, they usually have a printed off sheet of questions they will ask you. Pretty low-stress.

  • Very well and very interesting with their product

  • They ask question about what you would do in everyday situations or asking a supervisor for help on something out of your job description.

  • Very short, as they were desperate for workers since they were severely understaffed

  • A few simple questions

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