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Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez A&W Restaurants?

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Service, service and service . PEOPLE want interaction with a person not a recording .They want great food , great value , fast and friendly service from somebody that cares.Thanks.

I would make a better training program and keep a closer eye on managers to ensure they are doing their job. Teaching the managers that inspiring crew instead of abandoning them would make for a better workplace experience.

I would say good taste mean proper proportion of the condiments and to listen to the drive thru order so to have a better service time. Cleanliess of the restaurant is the most important to the customer.

If anyone in the front or the back need help i would immediately get one or myself over there to help out and beat service time.

Nothing much

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I would have specific jobs for each individual so no one gets confused as to what they have to do. Ex, people on grill only working with burgers and people on friers only working on friers, people in the front not switching to the back when ever they feel. And having planned people for prep work.

I would make it more uniform, not letting the people who are prone to favouritism be supervisor of management.

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