A&W Restaurants
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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez A&W Restaurants?

11 réponses

Some days it would be fun and great depending on who you work with. Other days you would not wanna be there and the environment sucked.

Depends from people. Funny co-workers, but lazy, also lazy shift managers. They getting money and dont do anything. Terrible.

It was good and productive.

Very easy to connect with others, many management ensure their shifts run smoothly while being productive and helping out when needed.

Fast paced, very busy, positive environment

Like a high school cafeteria with no lunch monitor.

A&W culture is great but its never practiced here. Everyone is ungreatful from management down to staff. Boss will make u do everything with very little pay and no appreciation. Always cutting back hours and short staff.

It was fun to work at A&W. Some people wouldnt say that but it was. You could enjoy a chat with a co worker while working at the same time.

It is a safe work environment

Easy going

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