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Nice place if you can get along well with your co-workers

Very well managed franchise. The menu is top notch for its demographic. The food quality is good and the management is overall decent. 40% off food during shift.
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Good place if you have thick skin

Good place to work if you can take rude customers and verbal abuse. Coworkers and management are amazing. Not a bad place to earn some extra money or work part time for a first job.
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Yes I m very excited this company good crear opportunities for Canada good service castmér and porfessional staff And very helpful

Good culture and good location And porfessional staff with warking And respons good relationship with costmar services And help full people here warking restaurant

Points positifs

Free occomodation And Free lunch

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Par day 8 hours wark
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Fun environment to work in overall

What is the best part of working at the company?I totally lived working with the amazing team @ Discovery Center ,Christine is the boss I’ve worked with 💕the kitchen crew & font end team are exceptional in the customer service.😊What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Really not much learning experience everyday that I worked thereWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Fun,peaceful,exciting most importantly the customers.What is a typical day like for you at the company?I’m not working there now would love to go back .Typical day is fun especially when you have the best customers
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Productive fun environment where the management cares

What is the best part of working at the company?We are like a family. Everyone looks out for each otherWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Unfortunately, all family’s have squabbles and petty arguments. They blow over quick thoughWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?I arrive and I’m greeted by friends. We joke, we laugh, get our work done and go home
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It was fun and exciting most of the time

I loved working there because i got to meet new people. I had problems with the manager because she was only giving her family and friends raises. I loved most of the people I worked with. I found I was getting alot of overtime but I didn’t mind the extra money.

Points positifs

You get so much off one order in your work day

Points négatifs

Only con was the manager at my location
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The team and management were awesome

We were a newly opening store so our team got really close as we went through the struggles of all being new and a new business in a small community . Good environment although the expected work load was not paid accordingly.
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Very Fun place to work

Provided well training (Online and on the floor). Staff were on top of things to be done, Worked with a lot of students but managed to work with the fast pace setting. Great place to obtain multi tasking ability,
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Fun but not worth the pay

The place was fun, but management is extremely bad. Was working there for more than 2 years never got promoted but the person that they hired next after got promoted.
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Chill and cool

It was a nice experience and very good for a beginner. The management is very good no one is up your behind to be perfect, you'll learn from your mistakes
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Not a good place.

Not a good place to work. The emoployeer does’t care about your well being. They just wanted to make money. Under paid supervisors because they know that they need papers for their PR card.
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Experience is dependent on franchisee

Your experience working at A&W will depend on how each franchisee manages their operations, as each A&W location is operated independently. Overall, good first job.
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Busy place to work at. lots of food and lots of things to order. need to actually be more organized. great learning experience, great place to start your career.
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Payer les debalencement

Mon gérant ( Bien que se soit illégal ) nous fait payer les debalencement de caisse. 45$ donc 3h de mon temps passer la bas car ils ont des erreur de caisse, je demissione.
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Very supportive team. The workload is not too much either. But the shifts are kinda random and you can’t be sure how many shifts you’re going to have.
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Bad workplace.

They don’t pay you enough for the job you are doing. They expect you to go above and beyond and still give u minimum wage. I worked for 2 years and asked for 1$ raise they started to give less hours to my shift.
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Great place

Wonderful place to work for fun fast moving environment flexible… pay is ok and management works well with staff … they love having us school kids …..
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Horrible management, horrible work environment

The management team is horrible, they make it unbearable to even want to be there, they give a real hard time to the POC there, I've witnessed it many times and the Supervisors are teenagers who put their workload onto you and suck up to the boss when they are around, and they vape in the office. Overall high-school vibes here.
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Working at Your Review has been an incredibly enriching experience. The typical day is dynamic, filled with learning experiences. The management is supportive and the workplace culture promotes collaboration. Juggling multiple tasks was the most challenging yet rewarding part of the job. The best part is the sense of teamwork and shared success."
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Easy Job once you are confident in your skill

I have learned basically everything i know about working and keeping a job at A&WI learned how to flip burgers and there wait times based off of size.I learned how to prepare multiple burgers at a fast pace.How to communicate with coworkers, this was a struggle for me before as I'm as quiet and nonsocial as it gets.The hardest part of the job for me was honestly removing the grease trap under the grill. Somedays it was super overfilled and there wasn't much room to move it around.The most enjoyable part was either my creating timed goals in my head like i was in some fast-food prep competition, or the shifts I would share with my closest co workers.

Points positifs

Free lunch via coworkers, It's easy once your routine and recipes are memorized

Points négatifs

Small kitchen, Coworkers and Management tend to get cliquey.
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