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What should you wear to an interview at 7-Eleven?

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Nice clean dress

Like formal wear

Dark dress pants and dark shoes and socks, along with a clean Company shirt.
Sans jewelry and hair adornments.

I would wear proper clothing .nice clean pants and a proper shirt and or a skirt and blouse. Just as long as you look and are properly dressed .also you want to look your best at an interview proper attire for your interview is best.

I would wear casual clothes .. possibly my work clothes from my full time job

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Jean's and a tshirt ... possibly even the clothes from my full time job

Normal dress

Dont go. But if you do, business casual is probably fine. They really only care if you can tell them that you are available at ALL hours of the day, never need a day off, and have no problem with working in a chaotic and stressful environment

I would put on a black sweatpants white tank top,and a black sweater .with some runners.Dress comfortable.

Which cloth suitable for work that wear

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