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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez 7-Eleven?

13 réponses

MM 2801 JM should start caring for employees. Company policies are way different from his policy. He makes his subgroup suffer mental issues because of his directions. Respect the people who have laid the ground work for this company to be successful.

FC’s should learn to appreciate and respect their employees
There should be atleast 1 half an hour break in-between 8 hours of shift.

Why not give staff actual sit-down breaks? Not everyone can stay on their feet for 8 hours and this is almost 2020, I'm sure the public can get used to the idea that servers don't have to be treated like animals...let them sit down once in a while.I would apply for a job but I am one that cannot stand for a full shift.

They should CARE!

Be fair and try to learn from your team better ways to make a team.

Don't trust 711 human resources. They are on the company payroll. They always protect management.

Work on giving everyone the same rights as others

Give enough resources to do an effective job. Listen to the employee surveys and act on recommendations.

Review on simplify paperwork, guide new employed member, more concern for the people to take a break after working more than 4 hours.

Flexible on shift for attending schools.

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