401 Auto RV Canada Inc
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Quels conseils donneriez-vous à la Direction de 401 Auto RV Canada Inc pour améliorer l'entreprise?

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Try not calling a global pandemic "just a flu" while in a meeting with front line staff.
Perhaps and this is a long shot but maybe if you paid the monthly bonus as promised instead of laying off employees 3 days before end of month, you might keep more of the good employees.

Amazing culture, keep doing what you are doing, this company is going to be a huge part of the automotive industry in Canada! Thank you for everything you have done, I am forever grateful for the countless opportunities you’ve put on my path!
M.E, Ottawa

Quit the bs and have some heart when it comes to employees

STOP FIRING GOOD HARD WORKING EMPLOYEES! A great employee is hard to come by and you fire all the good ones.

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