401 Auto RV Canada Inc
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Quels conseils donneriez-vous à la Direction afin que les employés restent chez 401 Auto RV Canada Inc?

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Do a total management reorganization. Hire a firm to review why there is a large turnover of staff and have outsiders reorganize the company and have them hire and train qualified management

Total reorganization.
Have DP not be involved with staff.

Get an HR manager who is qualified

... Oh my gosh... List goes on and on

Be Professional Don’t swear and shout at Empoyees I’m surprised That management hasn’t been smacked in the head

Treat employees with respect. Quit sending them on road trips to fetch cars everyday. If they wanted to drive hours a day, they would’ve applied at Uber. Also..quit flexing the exotic sports cars, you’ve got employees that can barely pay their mortgage, and you’re driving around in one of your half million dollar cars? Cut back on the threats..it’s really bad for moral

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