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Established as a quality-oriented and socially conscious brand, 180 Smoke has quickly become a leader in the vape industry and is constantly striving towards continued expansion. As a leading Canadian vape retailer, 180 Smoke is fully committed to providing smokers with an alternative through the use of technological innovations such as e-cigarettes, – plus... herbal vaporizers, and other combustion-free alternatives.

As a highly trusted brand, 180 Smoke constantly strives to meet the needs of its customers in an ever-evolving marketplace. The opinions of all our customers are vital to all 180 Smoke operations and we pride ourselves on creating a collaborative environment in which employees and customers can create meaningful change within the company.

This notion of collaboration is a core tenant to 180 Smoke and fuels all of our developmental processes. Whether it's the opinions of carefully vetted experts, or from regular consumers, 180 Smoke is open and receptive to the recommendations from anyone that may be willing to share. 180 Smoke also employs a wide array of professionals who are all multidisciplinary and bring their own expertise from various industries. These skills are valued heavily by 180 Smoke as they converge to develop the brand in innovative and informed ways.

Since its founding in 2012, 180 Smoke expanded rapidly in the eCommerce space and the company was able to open its first retail location in 2014. Since then, 180 Smoke has opened over 30 locations across Ontario and Alberta and is focused on further expansion of its retail sector. The success of 180 Smoke’s retail space is due in part to the collaborative environment facilitated by the brand, but also by 180 Smoke’s commitment to research and development in an ever-changing market.

As of February 2019, 180 Smoke reached a new milestone and was acquired by Origin House, formerly known as CannaRoyalty Corp. This acquisition has allowed 180 Smoke to continue its expansion, thanks to valuable insights and guidance provided by Origin House. With help from Origin House, 180 Smoke is working on expanding across various markets, bolstering existing brand ideals, and ensuring the company’s position in the vape market.

To date, 180 Smoke has over 30 locations across Ontario and Alberta. While 180 Smoke has flourished in these markets, the brand will be opening new stores in the future and will focus on expanding into new and interesting markets.

As an employer, 180 Smoke deeply values the input of all staff, whether they’re in our head office or in any of our 30+ locations. We are a company truly built on collaboration and all of our success comes from the individual success of our employees.

180 Smoke is an equal opportunity employer and we’re committed to creating a qualified workforce that reflects diversity and equality. We encourage all qualified individuals to apply and we welcome multidisciplinary individuals. As an equal opportunity employers, 180 Smoke is committed to preventing and removing employment for people with disabilities, and we invite you to inform us should you have any accessibility or accommodation needs.
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